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Chance of HIV coinfection from Gonorhea

I flew from America to see a girl in the Philippines for the first time. She said she only had one boyfriend last seen 6 months ago. I just went to the doctor with her yesterday after 3 weeks of sex and it seems I have Gonorhea. What is the likelihood I have an HIV coinfection if she really only had one boyfriend before me. I had a myriad of symptoms including a cough and now discharge which got me to go to the doctor. Now I’m worried instead of a future wife, I got a death sentence.
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The risk of contracting HIV from vaginal intercourse with an HIV+ woman is 0.04 percent per act.  That translates to a 99.96% chance of NOT getting it. Even if you had unprotected intercourse with her 20 times, that works out to an 0.8% chance - of 99.2% of not getting HIV.

The odds of her being HIV+ are also very low, given that most people do not have HIV.  If you use compound statistics (odds that she is HIV+ combined with odds that you got HIV from vaginal intercourse), the odds against you getting HIV from this event are extremely low.
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Well, gonorrhea is far more common than HIV, for one.

Did you do testing to see if it's gonorrhea or chlamydia? Or something else?

Discharge is common with gonorrhea, but can also happen with other infections.  Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas and Mycoplasma genitalium can all cause discharge, as well as prostatitis, balanitis, urinary tract infections, and urethritis, which can have a number of causes.

Less than 1% of the world's population has HIV, and it's harder for men to get that from women than the other way around.

All you can do now is test, and find out what's going on. You can do a 4th generation DUO HIV test at 28 days and get a conclusive test. I'd be surprised if it's positive, even if you have another STD.

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Oh and also, HIV isn't a death sentence anymore. It's a chronic condition managed with meds.
I did the gonnorhea and chalamydia test and the results will come back tomorrow but when the doctor looked at me he said it’s likely gonnorhea. I still need to do the other tests but I’m in Asia to see her and there’s not any free clinics here for std tests so it’s costing a bit to get more tests along with the treatment. I’ll know tomorrow about Gonorhea or Chlamydia but you’re saying the chance of HIV is pretty low
Yes, absolutely. I'd worry more about gonorrhea or chlamydia than HIV any day, as far as chances go. They are far more common.

Did he give you any treatment, or are you waiting for test results?

I’m waiting for the results.  He seemed sure it was gonnorhea because of the discharge. So I’ll be going back in the morning. I’m scared because of all the other symptoms I had that I thought I was just sick with a cold until seeing the discharge. Also for her to get HIV from a boyfriend though they had sex a lot is still not easy and then to pass it on to me although easier with gonnorhea is not easy. I’m still frightened by this. Once I know if it’s Gonnorhea, Chlamydia or both then ill need to test for other things. It’s already feeling like although I’ve done STD tests before, It’s different when you fly across the world thinking you’ll be meeting the one you marry to find this. It’s likely not HIV but it will be on my mind until that specific test.
Is she going to test? That would help put your mind at ease.

Does she know what's happening?

It's possible that she could have had gonorrhea or chlamydia since her last boyfriend and didn't know it. Women can go a long time without symptoms - 6 months is easily possible.

Yes. She is going to test after I do. I think she’s not worried because it’s only one ex boyfriend but we don’t know who he’s slept with and how promiscuous he was. But it’s likely not HIV….  I’m hoping it’s just the smaller worries. I looked online at all the percentages to get HIV and it’s low but anything is possible. Just thank you. Wish I could be more at ease about this
Why doesn't she just test now? She could have something you haven't tested for, or that you haven't gotten yet. Exposure doesn't mean transmission.

How long are you going to be there? When you go home, you should test for everything.

For now, don't have sex until 7 days has passed from her treatment, or she has completed her treatment - whichever is longer, even with a condom.

We are here for 2 days then go back home and we will be resting for everything but to test for everything and treatment here is $400 per person and I don’t have the money to pay for both of us at $400. There’s free clinics in America when I get back. There’s free clinics in the Philippines when she gets back but we are both in a different country together and so even to do the gonnorhea and chlamydia test with the treatment cost me over $200. So I’m getting us both the cure and we will do everything else when we arrive home. I can’t afford $800 of tests and treatment here. I never expected this to happen. We will test for everything but I hope it’s not something life altering. And transmission isn’t exposure. You’re right.  We will find out everything soon. But right now I’m so terrified. 1% of the world has hiv. I hope she didn’t date the one guy in that 1%. There’s so many other possible diseases that regardless testing for everything is the only way to be sure. Gonnorhea and chlamydia was just the first one suggested due to the discharge.
I know you're terrified, but try not to be. Just do what you can now, and follow up when you get back to the states.

It's actually less than 1%, and varies from place to place. The Philippines is a lot less, and places in Africa are much higher.

There are 113,082,387 people living in the Philippines. According to the Dept of Health, there have been 103,112 total HIV cases in the country since January 1984. That is .09%.


I couldn't find data for gonorrhea and chlamydia. It's always far, far more common than HIV no matter the location.

Hang in there, okay?

Thank you. We just found out gonnorhea was positive. We took the shot for it.  We are now waiting for the HIV test. We both got tested. It’s quite scary. She’s only had one other boyfriend before me. So for this to happen is terrifying.
We just got our results back. Gonnorhea and clamydia were both positive but thank God, HIV was negative. Thank you so much. My girlfriend and I read every post and she read everything possible on google about HIV in the last 2 days. I think we both understand the risks a lot more and will be careful to keep ourselves safe. I don’t blame her for her past experience. She didn’t know and it was her first boyfriend but we will make sure to test everything else when we are back in our countries and before we meet again and to always be safe
Good - the shot is the appropriate treatment. No sex for 7 days, even protected.

You are lucky you showed symptoms. She's had it for several months without symptoms, and your symptoms allowed her to get treatment to help prevent long term damage.

I'm glad you don't blame her - STDs can happen to anyone.

If you need advice about testing when it's time, we're here. :) Take care.

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