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Cheating husband help

Dear Dr.

My cheating husband and I just found out the other day that he caught an STD. At first he tried to lie and say it was a urinary track infection until I started getting symptoms. At that point he had no choice but to tell me what I feel is half the truth. He said he add sex with this home wrecking devil (i dont want to offend you so we will call her the devil). He said he had sex with the devil about 6 months ago. The question I have is... is it possible to have sex 6 months ago and 6 months later for the symptoms to start and find out that you have clymidia. Keep in mind I had a pap smear done 2 months ago and it was clean, but now I am not. Can you please tell me if this is possible?

a very angry and hurt soon to be single lady
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Cramping, diarrhea, maybe vomiting, a fever, discharge.

If you were actually tested in January (and you need to call and confirm that) then it is most likely a new infection for him, too.

But does it matter?  He cheated and got infected with something and you got it.  Does it matter if it was 6 months ago or a week ago?

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What are PID symptoms?
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pap smears don't routinely test for stds so it is entirely possible they missed it in your first test. Also, it is rare fror asymptomatic chlamydia to suddenly become symptomatic unless we're talking PID symptoms but this does happen.
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