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Fever one week after oral sex

My boyfriend told me he got oral sex from some girl... within one week, he got fever and chills.
We had sex the day before his symptoms and he ejaculated inside me...

He was previously infected with genital herpes but was not in a visible, active outbreak.... So I know his risk for HIV is higher than someone without herpes...What am I at risk for?
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His symptoms do not indicate a STD. He could have gotten gonorrhea, NGU or syphilis from his oral sex exposure. But all STD's are difficult to transmit via oral sex and without symptoms (burning while urinating, discharge and/or a sore) I would not worry too much about a STD.
But if he got oral sex, who's to say he didn't get more? Or who's to say he has not done more in the past.

It is always a good idea to test to find out your status.
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.. Unprotected sex = risk for ALL STDs and HIV. Even though it's reported that GentiaL herpes increase one's risk of HIV , he wouldn't have contracted Hiv from oral sex...
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