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Genital apposition and frottage with masseuse

Hello everyone, im very worried, i did a massage with a body body specialist... She was naked, she did a massage on me and her vagina rubbed and touched my penis sometimes...

I'm scared about hiv and stds (Chlamydia, Gonocoque Gonorhea Syphilis ) and i wonder if i did take a risk ? If i can catch them with what i did... Do i need to get tested ? And if yes how long should i wait before get tested...

Im very worried, excuse my english im from germany
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The risk here is very low.

Unless your penis went inside her vagina, you have no risk for chlamydia, gonorrhea (the same thing as Gonocoque), HIV, any hepatitis virus, trich, or mycoplasma.

Depending on how long and vigorous the rubbing of her vagina on your penis was, there may be a slight risk for syphilis, herpes and HPV.

If it was brief rubbing without a lot of friction, it's very low risk and not something to worry over.

If it was longer with a lot of friction, transmission is possible.

You can get tested for syphilis at 6 weeks, herpes at 12 weeks with a type specific IgG blood test, and there is no test for HPV for men.

A note - if you don't get symptoms for herpes, which are blisters, I wouldn't worry about testing. There are a number of false positives on the hsv2 test, and working through that can take a lot of time and a lot of money. If you're in Germany, it would be even more complicated, since the confirmation test you'd need is only done in the US.
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Helllo thanks for the answer
For me : 100% sure not get inside vagina
The rubbing was around between 20 sec and 60 sec ( one minute ) maximum
I wouldn't worry about that, then. It was very brief.

If you need to test for peace of mind, get a syphilis test at 6 weeks, but that's all I'd do. Syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries - the US, UK, Canada, most countries in Europe, etc.
Last question, i did a urine test for chlamydia and gonocoque exactly 4 days after the exposure... Im waiting the results, if i got negatif, should i be totally ok and not worry anymore ? Will be my tests totally reliable 100% ? Thanks
Yes, they will be as you had no risk for those.

If you had a risk, it might be a bit early, but you had no risk, so it's fine.
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It was oil massage also
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