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Had Body to Body massage and need clarification.

Hello and thank you for reading.

First off, I think I’m anxious but I really just want to calm myself down with the known facts.

Here goes:

1) Went to had a massage and apparently turned out to have body to body massage and offered HJ
2) Was showered before and after; same for masseur
3) During the course of massage, no penetration, though he did put his naked body over mine for massage, and some brief rubbing did occur. He also briefly touched my penis.
4) He did licked my nipple, ears, thigh and groin. But no kissing and no ejaculations too.

My concern: Am I in any risk for STD? Specifically HCV and HPV and/or others? I don’t think I’m in risk for HIV. But I am feeling paranoid because of how I read “skin to skin” can cause transmission of other STD - and is my concern right now.

Thank you for your help and reading this.
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When we say skin to skin, we really mean "direct unclothed skin to skin contact of the mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals and anus with friction".

The only way STDs are transmitted are oral, vaginal, or anal sex, and sometimes heavy grinding/rubbing can transmit certain ones.

HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal sex.

Hep C is ONLY transmitted by blood, and is very rarely sexually transmitted. When it is, it is almost always anal sex.

HPV is VERY common, and can be transmitted by rubbing and grinding, but nothing you did sounds like you'd be at risk.

You aren't at risk for any STD.
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Thank you for sharing, it helps me alot.

To help understand better, would "rubbing and grinding" be more of in the sense of performing oral/anal/vaginal acts with "insertive/receptive friction"?

Would an act such as my penis brushing off his anus/penis/groin (or parts nearby) be considered as he performs the body to body massage where the masseurs rub/massage his body against mine?

Thank you
To help understand better, would "rubbing and grinding" be more of in the sense of performing oral/anal/vaginal acts with "insertive/receptive friction"?

Rubbing and grinding is frottage - so yes, in the sense of oral/vaginal/anal with the friction like intercourse.

Brushing touches of the genitals/anus/mouth is not a risk.

You had no risk, as I said.
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