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Hot and sticky penis head under blanket at night?

Hi, I woke up in the middle of the night with a sticky penis head while under the covers. If I pressed the penis head, it would feel sticky but nothing was on my fingers.After getting out of bed and out from the covers about 2 minutes later, it wasn't sticky anymore. Anyone know what this is about? Could this be an STD/gonnorhea?
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You have had very little risk for any STD, and no one here can do anything more than advise you to test if you are so concerned. That's the only way you'll get any real reassurance.
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Hi, I went to urologist who did a urine culture which showed I had a glucose of 250 ml in my urine. Being that I do have diabetes (which is managed well as my sugar tracking are normal range), would this high sugar in my urine cause the burning urination and frequent urination for 10 days now!? I've been on doxycycline for a separate mild  sinus congestion for 6 days abd had
no changes to my urinary symptoms. He sent for std culture but said gonorrhea   would cause discharge. Is this correct? Even if I was on doxy, I would I still have discharge as a symptom? Is discharge always present with burning urination if it's gonorrhea? Even if I've been on doxy? Thanks
And final final question. I did a quick uti test from the pharmacy which showed negative. Can I still have these urinary problems from high glucose in the sugar,  even with the negative uti test? Urologist ruled out prostatitis and bladder infection as well.
This is the STD forum and you were answered regarding that here already.  Little to no risk for ANY std.  
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Sounds like a wet dream.  Not even a really good wet dream.  
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