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I had sex with a guy and now I have this smell

Prostitute smell. Fish smell. Question.

Hi doctor, I’m a girl and I had sex with a guy after sex I stayed with this smell like “fish” like the smell of how prostitutes smell like.
Does this smell ever go away? Or is it permanently staying in my vagina?  What can I do to make this smell go away permanently.
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any woman can have a vaginal odor.  Often it it is normal but a foul smell is normally a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis.  Any woman can get this not just prostitutes.  And any woman can pass it to a man they are with.  And then that man can pass it to any woman.  It's not an STD.  It's bacteria though.  

Now, you say you are a woman with this smell.  You likely have BV. You maybe got it after sex or you got it on your own as it can develop that way (most often does) as well.  BV likes dark, moist, warm places (like a crotch).  So, you need to see your doctor.  You don't need to mention sex if you don't want to but they will swab your discharge and provide you with antibiotics to rid yourself of the bacteria.  
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Here's some info on bacterial vaginosis.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bacterial-vaginosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20352279
Could also be a yeast infection.  Never thought of that as a fish smell but it isn't pretty.  Some women have an odor and have no disease at all.  It's just one of those body parts that attracts and hangs onto stuff.  I'd get it checked out and see if you have any kind of infection.  Don't personally know what this has to do with prostitutes.
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