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I'ma 27 male. I been having clear discharge everytime a ejaculate.

I have not had unprotected sex oral or anything for over a year now too. I don't know it's like clear and watery. Can I be having excessive pre cum after. N I have been checked for std. It will come out slow for like 2 hours or so
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Hello everyone for anyone having this kind of symptoms it's not a std Dont let your mind run amok because anxiety can cause real feeling symptoms after all my test im diagnosed with prostatis. Excessive masterbation is what caused. It just putting my input of my diagnosed because alot of ppl don't post it.
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Thank you for your update. We never get those.

I don't know that excessive masturbation is what caused this, unless you were truly masturbating all day, every day, because ejaculating can help prevent prostate issues, but I'm glad that you got a diagnosis and hope you are feeling better. :)

Really, thanks for the update!!
They couldn't find bacteria my doctor said it must be from irregular ejaculation irritated the prostate. Think it's cause I would do it sitting down on the toilet might of caused strain idk. But im glad I finally got reason behind my symptoms. Oh and welcome anything to help others.
There's something called chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which used to be called chronic prostatitis, or nonbacterial prostatitis. The cause is unknown, and unfortunately, it's hard to treat. It sounds like what you have.



I'm glad you got answers, too. Often, that's half the battle.
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utheruitis by itself is NOT an STI. It just means that the urethra is inflamed. It is often caused by chlamydia but in lieu of a positive result obviously it is not. It can also be caused by...

New washing power
Body wash
and MANY other things
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I also told him about my clear discharge and he kinda dismissed is saying clear is not always an infection and can be normal since I don't have no stds could the urethritis be causing this ? And thank you for clearing that up for me.
Is he treating the urethritis?

Sillymistake is correct - it can be caused by lots of things.

How's your hygiene? That can also be a cause.

A clear discharge CAN be normal, which I said about 10 posts up.  

It can be. Seriously you need to relax.
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Im just gonna copy what AJ said to be honest... You had the oral a long time ago... likelyhood is that any symptoms would have presented along time ago... on the rare chance you did get something. As already said oral inherently carries a low risk for all STIs and it is important to remember that.

NGU or NSU can be caused by sex but also by normal bacteria and irritation. EG changing soaps.
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Ok thank you I appreciate you guys advice. I went to the doc yesterday again to get re tested and checked. He thought it can be prostatitis but he said that I'm way to young. Then I told him that I been noticing more clear discharge and he said maybe it is chlamydia and I told I've only had unprotected oral along time ago and he said that not how you catch chlamydia so he ruled it out but sent my urine and blood work to get re tested and told me I most likely have utheruitis not sure if I'm spelling right and he put me on antibiotics for it and he going call me Monday or Tuesday with results.
I was diagnosed with prostitis (CPPS) when I was 29!
O the maybe it can be ? What were your symptoms? Any clear discharge?
pain in tip of penis
pain on base of penis
pain after urination
clear discharge
Good news is that you can now let go of your main concerns with regards to this. Trust your doctor.  
I'm having all the same symptoms! And yes very true I worried about the wrong thing.
Stress and anxiety makes things worse! Youtube CPPS stretches and try these
Hello everyone my results came back an I was clear on everything no stds including blood work but he told me I have utheruitis but I just read that, that is an sti cause by chlamydia and or gono. But he told me I came back clean from those including hiv and herpes and diabetes I got a few labs done. I'm confused can some one help ?
And thank all you guys for your feed back I really appreciate at it.
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Typically, a clear discharge doesn't indicate an infection, but since it's new, it's good you're getting it checked out.

Pre-cum means pre-ejaculatory fluid, so that would normally be expelled with ejaculation. Are your ejaculations normal?

Have you actually been examined by a doctor? Have they tested your urine for any white blood cells or bacteria, or did you just have STD testing?

This may be nothing, but it's important that you rule everything out.
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Yes I been tested n it came back normal no stds. Just he told me I have balanitis n gave me cream which irritated my penile. And also a pink yeast infection pill 2 of them but from std it came back normal
I posted wrong I haven't had unprotected sex years but I had unprotected oral about over a year ago
So in your other thread, which I'm going to combine here so we can keep it all straight, you said you had condom-protected oral sex.

If you wore a condom, the only possibilities are syphilis and herpes type 1, and those chances are very low. Both of these cause sores, so it's not what you're experiencing.

If you didn't wear a condom, you could get syphilis, herpes type 1, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and NGU. If you've tested negative for STDs, that's not what is causing your symptoms.

If the cream irritated you, follow up with your doctor. There are other creams that can help with balanitis.
Thank u for your response. I have one more question I have like little brownish bumps in my inner thigh very few but I just noticed them any ideas on what it can be ,?
Sometimes also I randomly get a stinging sensation in urethra. But it doesn't burn when I pee but sometimes it feels like there is something in there? Like real small kind of hard to explain. I have oral and vaginal with my partner now unprotected and she got tested and she was negative for all stds she just had BV.  Only thing that keeps bothering me is my top of my head is always moist most of the time but I never find discharge even in the morning I give a squeeze to my shaft and it's dry. But when I ejaculate it come out clear and white and the clear ejaculate keeps coming out for like 2 hours every time that I ejaculate. I feel like if I have always had this but not to this degree it just got more excessive. Help
So you said that you hadn't had unprotected anything for a year now. Are you having unprotected sex with your partner?

The little brownish bumps could be anything - hair follicles, some form of dermatitis, normal skin variations that you are just now seeing because you are anxious and checking everything.

The random stinging sensation could be a hyperawareness of the area. You are concerned, so you are paying more attention to every sensation you feel. A random sensation isn't an STD symptom.

A morning discharge isn't an STD, even if you had one. It's normal to have one. It's also normal if you don't.

It's not abnormal for fluid to leak out for a couple of hours after you ejaculate. Some men report that it stops if you urinate. You've been tested for everything, and you're fine.

Ok thank u do much! And yes I'm have unprotected with my partner that why worried. And I only had un protected orale but very long time ago
Unprotected oral carries some risk, but it's much lower than unprotected vaginal or anal, and you've tested for everything that's a risk from it.

I don't know if there was some cheating involved in that unprotected oral a year or so ago, and that's why you're so anxious, but really, you're fine from it.
Thank u for your advice. But one more thing. What cause my penile head to get itchy not my urethra the head of it. And out if curiosity what does chlamydia discharge look like in men ?
I don't know what caused the itching. It could have been irritation to soap, to a laundry detergent, to your underwear. It could have been a hyper-awareness of the area from anxiety. It could have been a mild fungal infection.


"One of the most common chlamydia symptoms in males is an unusual, foul-smelling discharge from the penis. The discharge may slowly ooze out of the opening of the penis head and collect around the tip.

This discharge usually looks thick and cloudy, but it can also be more brown or yellow in color."

It's not that common to get chlamydia from oral sex. You're more likely to get gonorrhea. Before you ask...


"a pus-like discharge (or drip) from the penis (white, yellow, beige, or greenish)"

You've tested negative for those, of course.
Thank u very much I think it probably is just anxiety getting the best of me I been tested and my partner too and both came back clean. Doc did say he found white blood cells in urine when I went for follow up but he said it's probably nothing? Most of the time I don't get nothing but sometimes I feel like I get random pains in penis when I'm really thinking about it. It's just the clear discharge that I see it's not cloudy or **** it just looks like precum. Most days I check and nothing and some days a check and there is clear sticky watery precum on the tip not oozing out or none just like a drop it can happen at random times of the day especially after ejaculation
Did he say how many white blood cells he found? There's a certain level where they treat. Depending on the test they did, they might say a trace or small amount of white blood cells, or 1-3, 3-5, etc.

There's an infection you can get called NGU, sometimes called NSU. It is any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea - non-gonoccal urethritis, or non-specific urethritis. It's diagnosed by finding white blood cells in your urine.

Sometimes, you can have trace amounts of WBCs in your urine just from slight dehydration or irritation, so they don't usually treat for trace, and if you don't have symptoms, they may not treat for small, or 1-3, maybe 3-5.

If you don't know the amount found, can you find out?
Oh and you can get NGU from oral sex, just from normal mouth bacteria, so your partner could have given it to you. You can also get it from someone if they had strep throat, adenovirus (usually causes upper respiratory viruses), things like that.
I remember him saying he found small amount of white bloods in my urine. And NGU? What are symptoms for this. So  any one can get it and If I got it does my partner need to be treated as well?   Also is Pain on the head of your penis and std symptom?
NGU symptoms are similar to that of chlamydia, if you get any.


If you have this, your partner needs to be treated as well.

Pain on the head of your penis may be an STD, but not usually. That's usually from balanitis, especially if you aren't circumcised, or an injury. If it's right at the tip, it could be urethritis, which could be an STD, an infection in your prostate, a urinary tract infection, etc.

You need to follow up with your doctor if you're still experiencing pain.

I feel like we're kind of going in circles, which is probably my fault. Ultimately, if you still have pain and/or itching, you need to see your doctor. Ask for another urine test and if they see white blood cells, ask for the level, and ask about treatment if it's a small amount or above. Also ask them to send your urine out for culture to see if any bacteria grows.
Oh and make sure to get the info you need. You need to know what the doctor is saying, what tests they are running, and why. If they diagnose you with something, you need to know what it is. If they tell you not to worry about something, ask why.
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