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Is it true that there are no antibiotics to cure a GI chlamydia infection?

I keep reading online about how antibiotics can easily treat genital chlamydia, but that if someone also has a GI infection, it can reinfect their genitals with chlamydia. I assume that someone with this issue (most likely this is what I have) will just be reinfected over and over with no cure? Will I just need to take higher doses of antibiotics than most?
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I guess I have stumped everybody lol.
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Hi, whats a GI infection?
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The type of GI infection I'm referring to is a gastrointestinal infection via chlamydia. There are many cases where genital chlamydia spreads into the GI tract  , which causes complications and is more difficult to treat (if I can even be cured).
*if it can even be cured

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