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Is this just in my mind?

First off: No discharge, no cloudy urine, no dysuria or pain at all before during or after urination, glands and urethral opening appears normal (maybe slight redness due to excessive checking), no sores or lesions anywhere, no fever or nausea.
Yet still, I just feel like something is wrong down there. It causes my penis to stiffen up while it is flaccid, which I believe then causes me to feel a slight discomfort. I cannot stop focussing on it.
Historically, I've had gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. When this started (after unprotected oral sex), I went into the cycle of worry and did a course of amoxicillin and doxycycline (the correct prescription for gon/chlam, amox 1000mg 1 time + doxy 7 days). Went away, had sex on day 9, and then the symptoms came back.
My wife had finished a course of amoxicillin for a sore throat (8 day course). I'm sure if we had anything, it was done in by the antibiotics.
Is this just the guilt? The symptoms go away but come back if I feel the slightest tinge, and immediately my penis shrivels up and gets stiff (anxious penis). Then I start the cycle of milking to check for discharge, and there's none. Maybe a tiny tiny amount after a LOT of milking, which I know is really stupid to do because it just makes things worse.
Is it possible my mind is literally manifesting these physical symptoms?
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Is it possible my mind is literally manifesting these physical symptoms?

Yes, almost definitely.

Your risk was actually very low and am surprised the doctor gave you the antibiotics without testing first  - Especially with an oral encounter!

As you said, milking can make worse as it causes micro trauma around the penis which then causes irritation etc.
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Is unprotected oral low risk for gon/chlam? I always read that it's like the biggest spreader. Come to think of it, pretty much every time I do it, I go through a period of thinking I caught it again. But then I think it can't be possible that the person I was with just so happened to have and give it to me again.
Today I feel a little better but a symptom has replaced the shriveled stiff flaccid penis, and I'm not sure if this is phantom or not.
Now, I'll randomly feel as though I have a tiny spasm in my urethra. Almost as if a tiny amount of urine dripped through. Upon checking, no dribbling or leaking, and still no cloudiness or dysuria. My guess is once again the moment I feel anything I become hyper focused on any little tinge I might feel. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be going away even though I realize this.
It's almost like my penile shaft is sore, from overuse or something (probably the milking), but I haven't done it at all today. I have not masturbated either. Normally my penis feels larger, hangs lower but I'm walking around feeling tight and shriveled when I think about this. Really wish it would stop.
Have your prostate checked and the blood test for the psa level.
"Normally my penis feels larger, hangs lower but I'm walking around feeling tight and shriveled when I think about this. Really wish it would stop."

First, no STD causes this. Second, did you notice that it happens when you think about it? It sounds like you are hyper-focused and noticing every little twinge. Sounds a lot like anxiety to me.

Stop milking your penis. If you have a discharge, you'll see it without milking it. It will just be there.

I agree about getting your prostate checked. This is not an STD. The chances of this being an STD from oral are much lower than from vaginal or anal sex.

Where did you get the antibiotics? Did you actually test positive for gon and/or chlamydia?
What you read was wrong - Oral is low risk for all STIs and zero for some.

As mentioned above seek medical advice regarding symptoms however it is not STI related :)
Oh yes - I'm sorry I missed that part. Totally agree.
Thank you everyone, I'll follow your advice. Not sure how common prostate issues are for my age bracket (36). I guess the reason I went straight to thinking it could be sti again is because there's an undeniable feeling of irritation in my urethra, but never any dysuria or discharge. I just checked after an hour plus of no urinating or milking, just squeezing the tip a bit and there was nothing there, so I tell myself knock it off there can't be anything if there's no discharge! Not even first thing when I wake up. And I know what it looks like because I've had gonorrhea before.
Still, I worry it's something sti related like urethritis, mycoplasma, etc., but I don't get how the symptoms went away while taking antibiotics and then right after having sex with my wife. No window at all, just immediately the next day. But we both had just finished antibiotics courses. Idk.
Oh and I did not test, got the courses online via chat with a doc. Explained what I was feeling and they said do the combo std course. (amox or azithromycin 1000mg 1x + doxy 2x 7days). I think it's just my mind reeling from receiving the oral sex. I think it's probably time to knock that off if every time I'm going to feel like I have an STI.

  The stiff flaccid penis and irritation feeling inside the urethra, mid shaft, is incredibly annoying. It amazes that anxiety can literally manifest these physical symptoms that take on a life of their own like that. Anyway enough ranting, thank you for the help everyone. I may post a future update if this doesn't go away and after prostate examination.
I was 32 when I got prostatitis :-)
Just an update. After spending some time reading other threads here, I realized I have a lot of the same things going on. Fear of an std/sti after sexual activity but with no actually real symptoms of said std/sti. This helped put my mind at ease a lot.
Today, much less "hard flaccid" state. Now just the occasional small tingle/burn feeling in the center of the penile shaft, I presume I'm imagining it's in the urethra, but nothing major. No discharge, dysuria, cloudiness, etc. I'm just trying to put it out of my mind and let it go to see if this fades away.
I still find this fascinating. In my case, I know what the feelings are like as I've had gonorrhea. But for these other people who haven't; how do their minds activate these exact same symptoms? It truly is amazing to me.
I also had a question about what I presume is an urban myth: Will urinating after receiving oral sex help prevent NGU or STI, physically? Mentally I'm sure it would, after spending time reading here.
So amox isn't actually used to treat any STD. I'm not sure why they gave you that. The doxy x7days would treat chlamydia, but amox does not sure gonorrhea. It's not even an alternative treatment recommended by the CDC.


Anxiety and guilt are powerful things. They can actually produce symptoms, or they make you hyper focused on things that are normal that you'd never pay any attention to otherwise - like every twitch, tingle, tinge, ache, itch. Anxiety magnifies all of these.

Urinating after sex may help prevent STIs, but not in any meaningful way. The bacteria can be absorbed through the mucus membranes, and in women, the urethra and vagina are separate.

Auntijessi it was azithromycin actually. The amoxicillin is what my wife was prescribed for a sore throat. Hopefully it was unrelated.
Well, doxy and azithromycin both treat chlamydia, not gonorrhea. If you feel the need to, you can test for gonorrhea 3 weeks after finishing the doxy. Any sooner, and you might get a false negative.

Just remember that your chances are really low.
I'll keep that in mind Jessi. I honestly don't think I have any kind of std/sti as I haven't had any abnormal discharge or cloudy urine whatsoever. It's just this persistent hard flaccid state and that causes me to either think I feel, or feel, an irritated urethra, now. No issues getting an erection or ejaculating, as I finally decided a week plus was long enough to wait. If after 2 more weeks this isn't gone, then I guess I have another issue to worry about. I just can't put my finger on it beside it being a case of genitally focused anxiety that has become a monster in itself. Either that or it's literally only fading by 1% per day.
Your symptoms sound a lot more like prostatitis than anything, though anxiety is definity a strong possibility.

I hope it keeps improving. :)
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