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Oral sex with condom

Sorry for my poor English
I just receive an oral with condom  on 21jan
One week ago there are 1 to 2 very little red spot on my penis
It looks like Inflammation So I stop handjob for few days than the red spot disappear
So that I start handjob again the red spot 1-2 red spot appear again in different place
Again I stop hj for a few day And no more red spot
Than I start hj again and this time 4-5 red spot

I would like to ask Is it an Std? although I don’t think it is but it really confuse me
Every time I think I am fine but it isn’t

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Yeah, I totally agree. Red spots that come and go like this are probably irritation and not an STD.
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Hi using the condom with oral would protect your penis for any sdt to enter it and if her mouth did not make rubbing contact outside your penis area you would have zero risk for any std. The red spots could just be a friction reaction from the act or from your handjobs.
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