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Positive for Trich

Couple weeks ago I was having some symptoms that would be similar to a Yeast or BV. Well, I went to the doctor let’s say 2 weeks ago, they did a UTI test which was negative, my doctor did a Pap smear the same day and said she would send it off to labs to test for Yeast, BV, etc. finally today I got my results back and she said I am positive for BV AND Trich. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years, I got BV the first couple months we started having intercourse (not sure if it was Trich as well) we have a two year old daughter, I’ve been to the doctor numerous times over the past 3 years getting tested for STD/STI, and poked, prodded for other reasons (endo, ovarian cysts) not once out of these 4 years I’ve been with him have I been positive for Trich. I’ve been faithful, he says he’s been faithful. He didn’t get checked after messing with the woman before me. And he still hasn’t got checked til this day. So finally for my questions…

Can Trich be dominant for years without effecting me until now (like herpes) ?? Wouldn’t have I been tested positive for it??

Can Trich be spread through dirty pools, ponds, lakes, towels, etc??

Or do I just need to come to the realization he’s been cheating on me..

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So most STI tests do not test for trich as it isnt the best test in the world. It is possible that this is the first time you have actually tested and alot of people do not show symptoms.
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Forgot to say that no, it can not be passed by any non-sexual methods.
Trich testing is weird, and it could be a false positive. It depends on how they tested you. Do you have your actual lab results? What is the name of the test?

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