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Risks involved with transexual escort

Hello forum,
Last week I visited a transexual escort.

I laid on one side of the bed and the escort laid on the other side.
I masturbated while I watched the escort masturbate. The escort also used a dildo anally on their-self after applying lube to it. At this point I asked the escort to put on a condom so I could give the escort a handjob.
I proceeded to then give a handjob to the escort while they had a condom on.
Once I wanted to stop stimulating the escort and masturbate myself I believe I wiped my hand with a "wet wipe" and then continued to masturbate. The whole time I did not use a condom.

The main situation I'm worried about here is that the escort used a dildo on them self then put on a condom which I then touched and then touched penis. Is this a possible exposure? Could anal bodily fluids transfer from the escorts hands onto the condom that I then touched? Or any exposure here to any STD that I should be testing for?  

Desperate to get a response as I have major anxiety from this event, my mental health is at a very low point.

Thank you in advance.
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There is no risk here. STDs are not transmitted that way.

STDs are transmitted by unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex. Sometimes, direct skin to skin contact of the mouth, genitals or anus can transmit it - mouth to mouth, mouth to genitals, genitals to genitals and genitals to anus - can transmit things, like herpes, syphilis and HPV. Think heavy grinding or rubbing, while unclothed.

This isn't the first time you've done something and been extremely anxious after. I asked you last time if you were getting treatment for your anxiety, and you said no. Maybe now it's time. You do this, become extremely anxious, and yet you do it again. I'm not judging you, but it would be a good idea to find out why you continue to do something that brings you pain.
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Jessi, I appreciate you taking the time to read my previous posts from a few years ago and looking deeper into my situation, really from the bottom of my heart, this has again, been a very anxious and lonely week. I have actually started seeing a therapist so I can be a better man, husband and eventually a father.

Thank you for the reassurance and bless you for the work you do here.
You're welcome.

I'm glad you're in therapy. It's not easy work, but stick with it. It's worth it.
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Hi, you had zero risk to contracting any std from what you describe.
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Thank you for the response Dave.
I really mean it. I've had a lot of different responses from registered nurses from responses plain and simple like yours and some advise me to get tested, possible saying this for my piece of mind. (Hotlines as I'm interstate and cannot go to my sex health clinic)

I'm just going to see my wife next week (yes I'm a bad husband) and have learnt to stay monogamous. I know we are going to have penetrative sex, and I am regretful for what I have done with high amounts of anxiety, would it be safe as you've advised no risk from the scenario above to continue as normal, leave this event behind me and move on with my life?

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