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Scared I got an STD from NURU massage from previous client

Hi all
I went and got a NURU massage 3 weeks ago.

Upon arriving at the apartment, I saw a guy walking out. He just finished his session with the masseuse that I’m scheduled to see. 5 minutes later I’m called in for my session. I’m positive that she did NOT wash her hands before giving me a massage. She just wiped them with a towel. The reason that I know this is because she didn’t wash her hands after my session. She just wiped them off with a towel and was ready to see the next customer…

Now 3 weeks later I’m having all kinds of issues. I have pain and burning when urinating, itchy urethra, and split steam urine. I got tested for chlamydia and gonneria. Both came up negative, now I’m getting tested for mycoplasma gen, ureaplasma, and trich.

Could it be possible that I may have been infected from the previous clients semen still on the masseuse’s hands??? Since she didn’t wash them, and I walked in only 5 minutes after him. I’m assuming there’s still active sperm on her fingers, as the whatever bacteria did not have sufficient time to die off yet.

Please advise
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You don't know if she washed her hands. She may have used the restroom and washed her hands.

It doesn't matter, though. Hands don't transmit STIs, and you weren't at risk for them. Time and wiping her hands on a towel would be enough to kill those germs.

However, were you rolling all over the same mat or table or whatever that the other guy was? How clean was this place? Was it the same oil that she used for the first guy?

Split stream urine almost always indicates a prostate infection, bladder infection, or infection in the urethra, not an STI. Bacteria from the mat or oil could have caused an infection and that won't show up in the STI testing.

Get a urine culture to see what bacteria grows, and get a prostate exam. You need to see a urologist, and move away from an STI being the cause of this.
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What about Trich? I hear that can be caught from used towels and sex toys. So surely if someone had left over semen on their hand from a previous customer that had trich, and touched my penis, I would contract it correct?
Dont worry about the padding of STIs via towels etc. It is more of a theoretical risk than an actual one. It is also quite uncommon for men to get trich.
I totally agree with this. Also, trich wouldn't cause a split stream in your urine.

Test for it if you want, but make sure to get checked for other bacteria in your urine, and get a urine culture.

So you guys are saying that fresh semen from someone who is infected with an std being transferred onto my penis would not cause me to contract whatever they have?

Seems hard to believe. Not saying that you’re wrong, but it just seems strange. If his semen went down into my urethra from a handjob, wouldn’t that be the same as having sex with an infected person?
It wouldn't be "fresh", is what we are saying. By the time she wiped her hands on the towel, checked you in, got the mat set up, got the oil set up, you removed your clothing, she removed hers (if she had any on), put the oil on your body, etc., it's not "fresh".

STIs start to degrade and/or die within seconds of exposure to air. Any germ on her hands wouldn't have been able to infect you.

You're imagining viable little sperm swimming down your urethra. That's not how it works. The towel alone would have wiped that off.

But next time, if you don't see someone practice good hygiene, don't let them touch your naked body, huh? It means that they might not be keeping everything else clean.

You have something going on for sure. It just probably isn't an STI. Don't discount it because it's not an STI. A UTI can be very serious. This has been going on for weeks now. Get into a doctor, even if it's an urgent care doc. Get a urine culture, a prostate exam, and if you need to, test for the other STIs. Those will be neg, but if it makes you feel better, test for them. Just get checked for the other things, too.

Let us know.

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