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Std scare, please help

About 2 weeks ago I received oral from a man, not sure of his sex history, but it only lasted maybe 10 seconds before I stopped him and got a hold of myself. There was no ejaculation. 3 days ago I had like a small patch of dry skin on the side of my penis head and I scraped it off and there is a small red patch now where I scraped it off. Its smaller than the size of an eraser. I've also notice when I pee the stream isn't as tight as it usually is and it drips at the same time. No burning when I pee or discharge. I tested for an uti but it was negative. Could this be symptoms of an STD?
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The chances that you'd get an STI from 10 seconds of oral sex is very, very, very low. I wouldn't even worry about it.

I don't know what the spot was, but if you could scrape it off, it probably wasn't anything more than dry skin. The remaining red spot is probably just irritated skin.

The urine stream - that could be a prostate issue, but that would be separate from your 10 second oral sex.

If it continues, see your doctor.
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Thank you for your response. The spot has healed up but I did have a couple of days that felt like a little irritation in the tip of my penis but no discharge. Could a yeast infection be a possibility?
I mean, maybe, but if it's all cleared up, it was probably just irritation. It sounds like it was unrelated.
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