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Testicular Pain - Mainly Left Sided but slight Right sided pain


10months ago I had sexual contact with a female including oral and sex. Approx. 4 weeks later I had very sudden testicular pain. Prior to the contact I had no issues whatsoever and was pain-free.
The first episode of pain was sudden and severe, it was pretty much a 10/10 and was always left sided. I immediately went to see a urologist and he thought on a rough examination that it may be epididymitis and prescribed me ciprofloxacin 500mg twice a day for a week. The pain did not decrease dramatically but stayed severe for more than a few days. I followed up by seeing my general practitioners. Over the course of months I was prescribed amoxicillin, azithromycin, doxycycline just to name a few. I had an ultrasound done which showed no evidence of any infection or abnormalities whatsoever. A second ultrasound a couple of months after however showed a varicocele left sided. The urologist claimed however that this could not be the cause of severe pain.
I was prescribed a numerous amount of antibiotics as the pain never subsided but eventually it slowly started to decrease in pain and with anti-inflammatories too, it went away completely.
I should mention that a month and a half after contact, I underwent various blood tests and urine analysis' to check for STD's. Everything was negative. We tested Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, HEP A,B,C, Syphillis, HSV.

The pain was completely gone after 6months of treatments. It was gone for 2months until it came back.. however this time it was in different character. Instead of being very sudden and severe it was dull and built up in intensity. Sometimes it is worse than other times, when I sit down I feel it more than standing. Lying down makes me more aware of it too. It is also not entirely left sided now, I can feel it minutely in the right side too. It can feel sometimes like I have inner thigh pain around that area, but no stomach pain, no back pain. It can be a 6/10 in pain.
Initially, 10 months ago it was sore to touch in some places hence the epididymitis. Now, it is quite hard to distinguish where the pain is coming from. Occasionally when feeling around I come across a spot that is quite sore to touch, they have been possibly on the left testicle, on the right testicle and also around the tubes.
There is nothing wrong with its appearance but I have noticed possibly a couple of times, the scrotum being inflamed and maybe the testicles too.
I have had a throbbing pain upon ejaculation and can occasionally feel something left sided in the scrotum when I urinate.
The scrotum occasionally feels quite warmer than usual.
Kidney ultrasound has shown nothing abnormal.
I have just finished a 10 day course of amoxicillin cauv. 875mg twice a day, and it did supress some of the pain whilst taking them and at times felt as if it was working, but more so feels no different to before taking them.
I have had a consistent sexual partner during these treatments, and have had sex with her occasionally. I always wore protection.
Given that I contracted a candida skin problem three days after the initial sex and oral contact, and given that I had absolutely zero problems in the past, I definitely believe the pain is due to something from that contact. I had sex with no one else between the contact and testicular pain.

Assuming I did contract something, could it be either the antibiotic dosages didn't entirely cure my condition, or they did and I may have passed whatever it is onto my partner and then contracted it again from here, despite being cautious and safe every time? I am very bewildered, it has been 10months and my condition is still there.
Any idea's on what this could be? What can cause this pain? Can anything be ruled out definitely? I am worried about sterility so it is in my best interest to diagnose and treat quickly but efficiently. I would like to accommodate for all infections that may cause this pain and wish to take the right antibiotic dosages to kill off anything it could be.
Where can I go from here? I want to test for everything but don't know what to test for..
I know a most common infection is chlamydia, is it possible that's what it could be?
I should mention also that maybe a couple of times I noticed a very small yellowy whitey ball at my urethra, the size of a pinhead.

Thankyou very much,
I appreciate your help!!
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Try posting in men's health as I don't know that answer.

You have negative test, this is not a STD related issue.
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What sort of non-STD infections are possible in the testicular area?
I know some may not be referred to as STD but can still be passed on sexually. Are any of these, possibilities for my situation?
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Maybe but not from a STD.
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You don't think there could be a chance of testicular infection?
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I don't see this as a STD related issue, keep working with your Dr.
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