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Tests came back negative, still worried. Did I miss anything?

Hi friends, I've asked about STD in here before and I did take the tests. It's been 26 days since I had no-condom oral sex and protected vaginal sexual intercourse with a escort female. She performed the oral sex on me.
I did 4th generation HIV test, VDRL, Chlamydia and GC test in 14 days. They all came back negative. I will repeat HIV and VDRL in the 6th weeks period.
But here are my other concerns:
1. Is there a possibility I might get HPV? Like genital warts?
2. Should I be worried about genital herpes HSV? My doctor didn't ask me to do a blood test about that.
3. Is there any other tests I might be missing and have the need to do?

Right now I don't have any symptoms except that I had red spots on my thigh and feet and hands but they were gone now. Is there any other tests I might be missing and have the need to do?
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1 - Yes, there is a possibility, but there would be this possibility if you had sex with anyone. HPV is incredibly common. It's estimated that 90% of us will get it at least once in our lifetimes. Condoms offer significant protection against it, but not 100%. It can take several months for symptoms to appear, if you get symptoms.

2 - Probably not, if you haven't had any symptoms at this point.

3 - No. You have done all the tests, and you used a condom. As I said in a previous post, the only STDs you may get are syphilis, HPV and herpes.

You don't need to do another HIV test. You used a condom.

I don't know what the red spots were, but they were not related to an STD.
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And let's keep all your questions to this thread from now on, so we have everything in one place. It's easier for us to keep up with everything if it's all in one place. :)
Thanks! I will post my questions in this thread from now.  
1. For HPV, what kinda symptoms are there like warts? If so, what should I do? I didn't take the HPV shots when I was younger so I am worried.
2. Is there a window period for herpes? I just want to make sure I don't have it.
Yes, if you get symptoms of HPV, it would be warts. There are some strains that give you no symptoms, so you may not know you have it. How old are you now? You may still be able to get the vaccine.

The window period for herpes for testing is up to 4 months. Ask for a type specific IgG test. Don't get an IgM - it's unreliable and worthless.

I am 24 yrs old. If I get the vaccine now, I won't get HPV?
I will get a test in 4 months but do I have to worry about it now? Cuz I don't have any symptoms.
Last thing is, is it possible to get HCV through sex? I know it's a blood transmission and I used a condom but I am still kinda worried.
You might still get it from this encounter, and the vaccine only protects against the most common strains, but it can reduce your chances significantly.

No, HCV is very rarely transmitted sexually. If it is, it's usually by unprotected anal sex. There's no chance of it using a condom for vaginal sex.

thanks! Can I still take HPV vaccines at this age? I kinda regretted that I didn't take it when I was younger.

Yes, most guidelines cap it at 26, but some docs will go a little older.
Hi auntiejessi,  I did my GIRL test at six weeks but I haven't got the results yet.  However, recently I've been feeling dizzy and light headed. I did some research about syphilis and discovered there's Neuro syphilis. I'm super worried now because my dizziness is pretty bad,  is it possible to get neuro syphilis through my behavior?
Sorry I meant VDRL. Is this test conclusive for neruo syphilis?
Yes, if you had any kind of syphilis at all, the VDRL would have found it, and you wouldn't have neuro syphilis at this point. That takes years to happen.

You should definitely get the dizziness checked out, but it's not from syphilis or any other STD. Something else may be going on - I'm not anywhere near a neuro expert so I can't tell you what - but it's not because of an STD.
Thank you so much.  I'm trying to arrange an appointment with an neurologist but it's super hard.  But now I have a relief hopefully it's negative.
Start with your regular doctor while you wait for an appt with a neuro. They can run some basic tests that your neuro would anyway, and you'll have that done. It may not even be neuro - it could be something with your inner ear, or a nutritional deficiency, dehydration - lots of things cause dizziness, so start with your regular doctor, and go from there.

In the meantime, lay off any caffeine your drinking (especially energy drinks if you drink those) and alcohol, and drink more water. You may not be dehydrated, but that never hurts.

I see on another thread that you're taking Celecoxib. That can raise blood pressure, which can cause dizziness. Definitely get into your doctor if you're still taking that.

Hi auntiejessi, I just got my results back! VDRL and HCV at 6 weeks both came back negative,  can I rest assured about Syphilis now? Or should I do it again in the future?
Congrats! Nope, you're good. Syphilis is conclusive at 6 weeks, and you never had any risk for HCV so you didn't need to test for that.

You're good. :) Hope you feel better from the other stuff soon!
Thank you very much, your help is valuable and I really appreciate it! Hopefully my other things will be good soon now but thank you anyways!
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