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Undiagnosed but symptomatic after oral

Hi all...
Last December i had an encounter with a trans sex worker. Since i never do this, i am quite ashamed that my alcohol fueled self ended up doing something like that... Guess it was a fantasy i have long had but never had the intentions of actually doing it. There was no actual intercourse, besides the fact that i performed oral (no condom, but no semen exchange). She might have performed oral on me as wel, but this i can't remember clearly. If so, it was only for a very short moment. Eventually she and i both ejaculated on the floor, but again, there was no semen exchange.

I was very scared afterwards, but didnt really experience any symptoms until 10 days later it seemed like i got a bladder infection. I immediately tested (12 days after encounter) fully convinced i had gotten either Chlamydia or Gonnorhea, but both tests came back negative. After 16 days i did another test, this time also for mycoplasma and trichomonas but these also came back negative. My urine also showed no signs of an infection and everything was as it is supposed to be.

I waited for another week but eventually went back to the dr because of this mild tingeling/burning sensation i sometimes felt inside my urethra. It comes and goes but when i sit down for longer periodes it almost always shows up eventually. When i went back the dokter gave me doxycycline for 7 days which didnt work. After 5 days my balls also started hurting so i went to another dr which gave me 14 days of levofloxacine. After these 14 days the feeling went away for a couple of days but after i had sexual intercourse it came right back! So i had my urine checked for fungal growth and bacteria, but you guessed it... No growth was detected (maybe because of the anti-biotics??) Sometimes my meatus swells up and is distinctively red of color. There is also what appears to be very small white and (for the lack of a better word) chunky stuff underneath my foreskin. Now 2 months later i am still left in the dark. Could this still be an STD/STI? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?  

The weirdest thing of all is that my penis is super sensitive since then and i even ejaculate too soon when having sex, i just can't hold it back so it seems. This has never happened to me before since normally it is actually the opposite and i sometimes struggle to reach a climax....

Sorry for the long story, but i really don't know what to do anymore. At this point i am just happy if someone could shine their light on my problem. Thanks in advance.
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So get your prostate checked. Since it hurts more when you've been sitting down for long periods of time, and your meatus swells and gets really red, and sex hurts, it makes me think prostate.

I'd suggest a urologist, and that this is purely coincidental with the timing.

Also, the white chunks are likely smegma or might be a fungal infection from all the antibiotics. Keep the area clean, dry, and use a really gentle cleanser. If it doesn't improve within a few days, see your doctor about it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Really appreciate it.

So the weird part is that is doesnt really hurt, but its a mild tingling. It is also when i lay down, or any position but standing up straight. Ejaculation doesnt really hurt or anything, but the day after the sex the uneasy feeling returned which had been absent for a couple of days....  I forgot to mention that i did another full STD test after 23 days which was also negative... But somehow i can't really believe that its just a coincidence this all happened in the order it did... Do you think this could be an STD? Maybe an undiscovered one that is not really publicly known yet? Does that even happen?
"Do you think this could be an STD? Maybe an undiscovered one that is not really publicly known yet? Does that even happen?"

No. This does not sound like an STI. People have been having sex since the creation of humans. The study of disease via sex has been happening for a long time as well. There is no reason to believe that you will get a brand new form of an STI. It just wont happen. The newest issue we have is "Super gonorrhoea" which you dont have.

Your last set of tests at 23 days rules out the common oral STIs anyway and in an absence of a sore, that means theres no worry of chlamydia, gono, syph and HIV.

Like AJ said, the white stuff is probably smegma or maybe a fungal thing. This is common when you take antibiotics. You can get thrush/balanitis cream from pharmacies.  
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