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What is the interpretation of these lab results?

Hi Doctor,
I am an asian and got into a sexual relationship with an unkown girl who claimed to be not having any STD or HIV at all. We had unprotected sex about 8 weeks back and then we got into the protected sex with condoms on for about 5-6 times in this duration.
Last week I got some itching in my penis and foreskin was getting tight but I didn't take it seriously. The next day, we had sex with condom on but then the foreskin didn't come back to its original position at all. I visited the doctor the next day and he applied some medication to bring it back. He said there is swelling and pus as well and asked me if I had sex with any sex worker? He also informed me that it is like STD and recommended me doxycycline antibiotic for a week twice a day.
He also asked me to go for some tests i.e. gram stain test and culture and body fluid + susceptibility test of Urethral swab. The results for gram stain are " Gram negative cocci seen however no intracellular organisms seen. Few gram positive cocci also seen. For body fluid and susceptibility the results says " culture is positive. Non Pathogenic neisseria species. The above flora can be a part of surrounding skin and sometimes genital mucosa.

My questions to you are:

1. What does these results signify? Does it indicate any STD?
2. If its an STD, what is it and how it can be treated?
3. Do you recommend me to go for HIV test as well? What are the percentage chances of getting HIV as I did unprotected sex only once ?

I would be really grateful to you if you can revert to these questions. I know you are doing quite a wonderful work by helping people posting questions in this forum.

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You can try posting in the expert community to ask an actual Dr these questions if you wish. This is the free forum and no Dr's post here. The people who post here have a lot of knowledge but no medical training.
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Though I respect the doctors worldwide but my doctor told me to come back after a week of the medication. Even he seems to be confused and said that he want his homework to be done before commenting on the actual problem.This makes me more apprehensive now.
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I have to refer you back to your Dr on this. He/she tested you and treated you and should be the one to interpet any results and explain in detail to you.
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