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oral sex and STD's or fungal infection?

I recieved oral sex for about 5 seconds then she was naked but i had pants but I slept on her bed and after 2 weeks i found thick smegma under foreskin .. when it’s cleared leave red spot on right side of glans then i gone through all the tests which were negative.. afterwards i start using steroid cream but then i got red tiny bumps smooth and shiny on glans it’s already been 2 months to all this process..
i am confused and worried that what it is?
And STD or bacterial or fungal infection?
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This sounds like balanitis to me, not herpes. A doctor can easily diagnose this. Treatment will depend on whether he/she thinks it's fungal or bacterial in nature.

Herpes symptoms wouldn't last 2 months.

5 seconds isn't really long enough to transmit anything. It's possible, but not likely at all.
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Thanks for reply one last thing that is it contagious?
It depends entirely on the cause of the balanitis. In any case, you shouldn't have sex when you have symptoms of anything. You could transmit what you have (in this case, a fungal or bacterial infection), and having irritated or broken skin makes you more likely to become infected with an STD.
Thanks for your help.. actually i been to countless docs and no one said it’s std but it’s not going away that thing make me worried.. anyways m going to another urologist next week let see what he will say.. cheers
Fungal infections can take a long time to clear, and it may even be something like eczema, or something else entirely causing it.

Have you seen a dermatologist? That may be a better idea then yet another urologist.  
I already been to dermatologist and he said its eczema but at night time or while masturbate , shower, toilet, it become dark red and after few hours come back to normal.. it’s bit tricky but don’t know exactly what’s going on.. do you have any idea what it could be?
I don't, and even if I did have an idea, I'd never tell you that my opinion was better than any doctor who had actually examined you. That's the best thing you can do.

Continue to work with your doctors, and let us know what happens.
Does it itch?  Eczema itches.  Fungal infections itch like crazy.  Bacterial infections are red and usually show up like an infection, often with pus when it lasts this long.  If docs have ruled out everything, sometimes they'll just say it's eczema, when it's really just raw or dry skin.  Something you said is the only reason I'm saying anything here, as, like the others, the doctors you've seen have seen it and we haven't and never will, but you mention masturbation.  If you do this a lot you could be rubbing hard and irritating the area.  Whatever it is, it's not from your tiny bit of oral sex.  
Actually doc told me it’s eczema and prescribed me steroid cream its worked but now just small rash left on glans and not going away and they are not itchy at all.. and not have any pus just become dark red when masturbate or shower that it and come back to normal after an hour.. and i got redness and burning under lips as well don’t know what’s going on really confused.. even docs not doing proper check up.. suggest me something please..
I'm a little confused. The cream is working? When you masturbate or shower, the heat and friction might irritate it a little bit, but if it's going back to normal after an hour, that's okay.

If you are experiencing burning and redness under your lips, maybe it's an allergic reaction?

If docs aren't doing a proper exam, stop them and point out what you want them to see.
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Thanks for reply.. I think i am worried too much and that cause so many other thing in body.. once again thanks...
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You're welcome. Try not to worry and doctors can easily identify issues so get checked if this continues to bother you.
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And which tests are helpful to know what exactly is it ?
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When you go to the doctor, they will visually inspect your penis.  Again, I think I'd just work on your hygiene for the smegma and that likely will solve your issue. Routine STD testing is what you could ask for if you've never had it.  They would probably give you a urine test, a cheek swab and a blood test and run an std panel on it.  Not just due to this event but a routine testing situation.  I really don't think you had much if any risk from this encounter.
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Does herpes symptoms stays longer it’s already been more than 2 months?
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What you describe does not sound like herpes to me.  Docs can look at those red bumps and tell you and if they suspect they swab but I don't think it sounds like herpes.
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Thanks for reply..

Yes, That was my concern .. and can std’s transfer in just 5 seconds oral sex ?
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5 seconds is fast.  I think the odds are almost beyond low.  Next to nothing.  I would not be worried.
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You received oral sex and then slept on her bed with your pants on is basically the concern you have, correct?  Then you found buildup under your foreskin.  Oral sex carries minor risks for std's, very minor.  https://www.cdc.gov/std/healthcomm/stdfact-stdriskandoralsex.htm  Since you received oral sex, I think really the main concern would be if they had herpes simplex 1, oral herpes.  Doubtful.  Smegma is actually normal and both men and women get it.    It's made from a combination of fatty oils, shed skin cells, and moisture like sweat.  It can smell a little.  But it's harmless.  You've never had it before this? Here's a whole big article on red bumps on the penis. https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/red-spot-on-penis#quick-symptom-chart  You can always go to a clinic and have them looked at.  My guess is this is fairly harmless and you are worrying for nothing. But talk to your doctor.
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