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possible STD risk

3 weeks ago i had virginal  sex with female sex worker. i use a condom and get BJ with condom.
also we suck each other nipples. no kissing or French kissing. that's all we do.
latter i came to know there is a risk of STDs like HSV,HPV, syphilis even we use condoms and that can be transmit via skin to skin. i didn't notice any sore in here.

after 2/3 days later i have notice some bumps (5-10) around my scrotum. (sometimes it may be there before we met)
Can it be genital warts. can warts appear with in 2-3 days?

but i'm really worried about after i knowing that std is possible. now i need to have std screening.

what is the best time to have std test?
Is there any test to detect HPV for men?

I'm very disappointed and sometimes i may feel to commit suicide.  

Please help me on this

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The risk here is very low, and certainly not worth thinking of suicide over.

Condoms offer significant protection for syphilis, HPV and herpes, even though it's not total protection.

Genital warts/HPV would take at least a month to appear, often longer, so the bumps you see aren't warts from this encounter. The scrotum is a kind of bumpy place. If you're concerned about what you see, ask your doctor to take a look, and find out if what you're seeing is normal.

Herpes is blisters, and syphilis is a round, painless sore.

There is no test for men for HPV, and you can test for syphilis at 6 weeks. There is a blood test for herpes, but many countries don't offer it outside the US.

Your remarks about suicide are concerning. Please talk to your doctor and/or a counselor.
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Exactly this.

The risk was so low it is really not worth even testing unless a symptom appears. You did all the right things by using a condom so well done.
Thank you for all your kind relpies.

acually HPV is the biggest consern to me.
since i have found that it doesn't have any symptoms and there is no test avilable.

now i'm thinking about how i'm having a family live with my
regualr partner.

i heard that this will create cancers and if i'm infected and if i transmit to my partner i can't fix my mind.

any advice on this. how i can plan a head.

This is the biggest problem i have now.
if i was came to know that this can be transmitted even there is protection i never go with this.
but now everything over.

there are some clinks offer HPV urine test to men.
i'm thinking to do that to get mental relief.
any idea of the accuracy of this test and can it detect HPV in men.
i know there is no approved test, but as a relief.
A urine HPV test would only work if you had internal warts, and I can't imagine how accurate that would be. If you're in the US, Canada or other developed country, don't trust any clinic offering this test. It's not FDA approved, and they only want your money.

Yes, HPV is linked to cancers, but for men, those cancers are rare. For women, if they are getting their Pap smears regularly, they are caught early and can be prevented.

The risk is really low here. There's no need to panic.
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