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red spots appeared in my mouth

I just noticed some red spots in my mouth, just on the lower lip. I have a slightly sore throat as well but it does not cause pain to swallow.



Locally it is Sep 28 at 10.10pm now. My last sexual activity was Sep 26 at around 2pm. I started noticing the sore throat yesterday, Sep 27 around 7pm but did not notice these spots in my mouth until just now. So it's been about 55 hours since sexual activity.

Is there any STD out there that can act up this quickly?
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What did you do during the sexual encounter? Did you perform oral sex? Unprotected sex? Vaginal? Anal?

Herpes could appear this early, but it's EARLY. The absolute minimum is 48 hours.

I'd be more inclined to say this is an allergic reaction to something you've eaten, or maybe you've somehow bitten the area.

It doesn't look like herpes, either. No other STD would give you mouth sores except syphilis, and syphilis symptoms don't appear for 10 days minimum.

It's hard to say if you had a risk for oral herpes without knowing if you even kissed.

If you get blisters there, get into a doctor ASAP to get it swabbed. Go to an urgent care if you have to.

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Protected penetrative sex, unprotected oral sex, and kissing during the encounter.
Did you give oral?

Again, it's really early for any STD symptoms, but if you didn't give oral sex, it wouldn't be oral symptoms from that. It could be oral hsv1 from kissing, if you don't already have it, but it's just as likely to be from biting it or an allergic reaction.

I did give oral. Now it is Sep 29, 10am local time so almost 70 hours since that particular sexual encounter. I am noticing that the red spots in my mouth are actually starting to disappear and much less noticeable than just last night. But my right hand (and only the right hand, not feet) looks really dry and is scaly. I have read that "dry rash" can be a syphilis symptom. Do you think there's a chance I may actually have syphilis from a previous encounter? My last sexual encounter before this one was early August and I was tested for gonorrhea/syphilis/hiv last week, all neg.
Syphilis symptoms won't appear this early. Absolute minimum is 10 days, and the first thing you'd see is a round, painless sore. The rash doesn't come for weeks after that.

If you had syphilis from your last encounter, it would have shown on this most recent test. Syphilis is really uncommon in most developed countries - US, Canada, the UK, etc.

I can tell you are starting to really panic here, so why not just go see a doctor? Is there an urgent care or walk in clinic you can go to? You may have just bitten it, even in your sleep, but just go get it checked out.

It's too early for any STD testing, but if they think it's herpes, make them do a culture or PCR swab on it, and make sure it's type specific.
the fact that it's too early for any STD testing is why I have not gone to a walk in clinic yet. the mouth sores do not cause pain and do not seem to be spreading, which is also a factor in not going. the sore throat feels about the same. if it is in fact herpes, my understanding is that you let it run its course unless a treatment is needed for the pain? there's only one walk in near me and they close in an hour, so if things appear to get worse then I'll go tomorrow when they open.
Yes, you can do that for herpes - let it run its course. Since you gave oral sex, though, it would be important to know if you have oral herpes type 1 or 2 - the transmission rates are very different.

The fact that there's no pain suggests that it's not herpes, but if it does get worse, go to the clinic.

these spots have all but disappeared now, about 2.5 days after first appearing (or being noticed). never caused any pain. I'm now fairly convinced it was a random episode of something benign. I still have that sore throat which got a little bit worse but it's probably unrelated as well. thank you for your guidance.
I agree that if they've all but disappeared, it's not herpes or anything related to an STD.

I'm happy to help. :)
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