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terrible sore throat, help!


I gave oral sex to my boyfriend 5 days ago (Monday night), I woke up the next day (Tuesday morning) with a sore throat.  My throat has gotten progressively worse and my tonsils are now swollen and exhibiting white pus spots, and my throat is extremely painful and red.  My glands on my neck are also very swollen and I have had a fever for the last day and a half.  Is it possible that these symptoms are a result of the oral sex, or just a coincidence?  Is it an STD or some other bacterial infection?  Will penicillin cure what I have even if it's an STD and not strep throat?

Thanks for your help.
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symptoms of an STD would not appear the next day , you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis.
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Get tested for Oral Gonorrhea for sure and other STD's as well after 72 hours.

Penicillin in my opinion cannot cure bacterial STDs.
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odds are this isn't std related at all!! it's cold and flu time of the year as well as strep throat season. Go and be seen by your provider and get a proper work up done.

if you and your partner have never had full std testing done, BOTH of you getting properly tested would keep you from worrying if things are std related or not! make sure your testing includes type specific herpes igg blood testing too since typically herpes isn't a part of routine std testing and it's best to cover all the bases properly.

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