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Aching testicles

Dear Doctor,

I recently had intercourse with a female. I wore a condom, the encounter was less very short and I did not ejaculate. A few days following the encounter, I felt slight aching in my testicles. I also noticed some small pimples on the underside of my scrotum. The pimples are not painful, and I'm not sure if they were there before the sexual encounter as I did not check.

The ache in my testicles has increased gradually, and I'm concerned this and the pimples are linked with the encounter. Please could you provide some suggestions on what this could be?

Thank you.

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Welcome to our Forum.  The encounter you describe did not put you at risk for STD and it is unlikely that your testicular ache is related to the exposure you describe.  Condoms are highly effective and prevent STDs.

As far as the bumps you mention, there is no substitute for direct examination by a trained clinician.  Following an encounter of concern, it is not uncommon for persons to notice skin changes that they had not noticed in the past.  There are many normal skin structures which appear as bumps.  My advice is to have someone knowledgeable in the area take a look, i.e. an STD specialist at your local health department STD Clinic or a dermatologist would be where I would go.  

I hope this helps.  it is unlikely that you have an STD.   EWH
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