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Chances of contracting a STD by receiving unprotected oral sex

Hi everyone,

First, thank you for reading my question.

Like many other questions I have read so far, I did something pretty stupid recently that I now regret greatly.  

I drank a little too much one night, met a female for whom I don't remember her name and she gave me unprotected oral sex.  She looked fine to me.  I don't remember seeing sores or anything like that on her face but I also wasn't thinking straight and not paying much attention.

Now I am dying of anxiety wondering if there is a big possibility that I could have contracted a STD from her.

I live in a remote location and won't be able to get tested until a few days from now, meanwhile I am really worried.  

I read in a previous question/answer that the chances from contracting a STD from receiving oral sex aren't extremely high.  Can someone confirm that?

Thank you in advance for a reply.

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Welcome to the Forum.  You are correct, the chances of getting an STD of any sort from receipt of oral sex are low.  Oral sex is an inefficient way to transmit STDs.  Of the bacterial STDs only gonorrhea and nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) are transmitted through oral sex; chlamydia is not and without an obvious sore or lesion on your partner’s mouth, the chances of syphilis and herpes is likewise tiny.   If you had gotten gonorrhea or NGU you would have most likely developed symptoms of urethritis (penile infection) within 5-7 days of exposure.  Even if your partner had an STD (any STD and it is likely she did not), most exposures do not lead to infection.  As far as testing is concerned, in the absence of symptoms, testing is really for your own reassurance.  

Hope this is helpful.  EWH
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