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Clear discharge after masturbation


About 40 days ago i had unprotected vaginal sex. Two days later i had protected sex, the next morning after i noticed a white discharge. I immediately went to the doctor and got tested for chlamydia and gonnorhea. The doctor put me on cipro for 7 days, 500mg twice per day. I went to get my test results after i finished with the medication only to find they both came back negative. About two days after i finished the medication i started having some mild lower back pain as well as swelling in my groin. I immediately though i had herpes so i went back to the doc, he assured me that it wasnt herpes because when you have a herpes outbreak you get the swelling in the groin because of an ulcer or blister on your skin. He did say that my groin was swollen but no where near where it should be to constitute a herpes outbreak, he also told me that because i didnt have any rashes, fever, burning while urinating that i may have a uti. However he tested my urine and there wasnt any bacteria. So he told me to wait two weeks to see what happened. About 5 days after that my groin swelling started to go down as well as the back pain. A few days later i went out and had sex again, (protected of course). The next day i noticed a white discharge again, so i started putting two and two together. So the next day i masturbated and noticed a clear slimy discharge coming out of the end of my urethra about 3-5 minutes after ejaculation and realized it was precum, which would explain the other two episodes, which also indicated to me that i may have an infection in the prostate. This clear slimy discharge turned white after it dried. So i stopped masturbating and having sex for about 2 weeks. About 5 days ago i was playing pickup basketball and took a shot that landed me on my ***. Right away i felt a strong burn coming from below my testicles as well as the bottom of my penis, it went away after a few minutes. After the game i went to the bathroom and noticed a burn after i finished urinating. This lasted about a day. Today it basically doesnt burn anymore but i imagine i may have irritated my prostate when i landed on the ground.

1. If they didnt find any bacteria in my urine, what could i have, will it go away on its own?

2. How can i explain the groin swelling?

3. What can cause you to leak precum after masturbation or sex only two days after contracting what ever it was?

4. Can i rule this out as a herpes outbreak?

Also, the groin swelling is primarily behind where my pubic hair is, not so much along my hip where traditionally an infection of the lymph nodes would be. And once a week or so since, i feel a burn at the tip of my urethra, which last a few seconds, then goes away.
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Abnormal urethral discharge usually means urethritis, most commonly nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) or gonorrhea. Only about a third of NGU cases are due to chlamydia.  On the other hand, most NGU responds to ciprofloxacin.  You might have some sort of residual persistent inflammation, or perhaps prostatitis (which is not sexually acquired).  The only way to sort it out is to continue to follow up with your health care provider.

But none of this explains the groin swelling, and I have no ideas about that.  None of your symptoms remotely suggests herpes.

Bottom line:  Continue to follow up with your provider and follow his advice.  Most likely the symptoms will fade away, perhaps without ever having a definite answer.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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