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This is a long story, so here it goes (sorry about any gross details but I have to mention all the exposure I had). I've been living alone for the last couple of months, away from my girl so let's just say I felt "lonely" and very VERY stupid, so I started paying for escort services. An euphemism to say that I hired prostitutes. I was involved with total of 5 different girls through 6 months.

Let me start by saying that I always wore a condom even for oral sex, except 1 time in which I even ejaculated in her mouth (this was 1 week ago). In this same event I sucked the girls nipples and I noticed she was lactating, so I tried to spit the milk but I suppose I ingested some. Another time about a month ago, I went with other girl and, again, I always wore protection, but I was unable to take a shower after we finished so I just got dressed and went home. when I got home I noticed that mi pubic hair was wet, so then I recalled it was probably because of the girl's vaginal fluids. In other words, my penis was in contact with it for at least 2 hrs(it's a long drive). about 5 days ago I woke up with a little dry throat, no other symptoms. I thought this could be related to me going to bed with cold weather, open window and fan on. Today my dry throat turned into a very mild sore throat and I feel my neck a little tense... I have been feeling my jaw and neck trying to find small bumps (lymph nodes) but I can't feel anything that feels like a node gland. I do not feel pain or anything in my neck, all I feel is tension.

Now, I know the only way to know if I got HIV or not is to get tested in 3 o 4 months. But based on the exposure I mentioned and on my symptoms what could you tell me? was I highly exposed to de virus? (in case some girl had it) or was my exposure "safe"

I will apreciate any comments.
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HIV questions are limited to the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex forum; see the IMPORTANT message above.  You'll need to repost your question there.  But why bother?  You describe a series of essentially zero risk exposures, including the breast milk; if you'll use the search link, you can find lots of discussions.  But if you want more detail, feel free.

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