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HIV symptoms

Hey Doc, Im a 23 year old Male. 6 days ago, I had sex with a prostitute. It was protected but she was going at it pretty hard and I wasnt very erect so I fear from slippage. Also 6 days later I have all the flu-like symptoms including fever, night sweats, congestion, cough, nausea. Im terribly afraid of this mistake and passing it onto my girlfriend who lives in NY. I know there is a very low chance of me actually being infected but its hard for me to believe that this is all one big coincidence. Isnt there any way I could get tested sooner than 6 weeks? Like a viral load exam?
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From the top of this forum:  "IMPORTANT"

"This forum is limited to questions about STDs other than HIV/AIDS. For questions about HIV prevention, or if you have general questions about safe sex (e.g., condoms, how to protect yourself from HIV and STDs), please visit the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex Forum"

You can go to there for innumerablde discussions of symptoms of HIV and reliability of various tests at various intervals.
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