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Hep B question- looking for help


So, my liver enzymes are currently very high.  they were normal 8 months ago and i have only had unprotected sex with my BF, and we are monogamous.  It probably isnt relevant to this question anyway.

My Hep tests were done like 4 years.
Hep A - vaccinated
Hep B - resolved (showed i had it and cleared it).  this was bizarre because i also had a shot for it, but only one.  Regardless, the doc told me it was cleared and resolved.
Hep C - im not worried about this.

So, other things could be driving my elevated count.  But i wanted to understand the likelihood that i could reactive HEP B.?  and if so, would i be considered a carrier to my BF?  

i just very nevous about this.

FYI test result said:
AST [H] 194 U/L 10-40 TB
ALT [H] 91 U/L 9-60 TB

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Welcome to the STD forum.  But unfortunately, I cannot help, as much as I would like to.  

Although 2 of the 3 the hepatitis viruses can be sexually transmitted (hep B moderately frequently, hep A rarely, hep C almost never), STD experts typically do not manage hepatitis or advise about its treatment.  Our advice and expertise is pretty much limited to transmission and its prevention.

Given your current sexual lifestyle, it seems unlikely you have a new hepatitis infection.
When hepatitis B tests show that someone "had it and cleared it", usually that's the end of the story -- it doesn't come back.  But this depends quite a bit on the specific lab tests that were done.  Your new elevation of liver enzymes clearly indicates something is going on, and you should not ignore it, but I cannot even guess whether it is due to persistent hep B or something else.  This is something for you to discuss with the doctor who has been following this problem and/or did the recent liver function tests.  If there is any doubt about his or her expertise, ask for referral to a hepatologist (liver disease expert).

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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