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Mycoplasma Hominis Cure
Hi Doctor,
A month and half back I have had protected sex with a sex worker in china. After a week I started experiencing sore pain/discomfort just above my right testicles. Sometimes it is a slight pain/ disconfort in my right lower groin area. Went to a urologist week 2 and he started a course of ciprofloxacin with out any tests, the symptoms had reduced but on last day of the 5 day course the symptoms relapsed. On week 5 Got tested Stds and was positive for mycoplasma hominis, the culture was resistant to tetracycline, pefloxacin, doxycycline, ofloxacin, clindamycin, minocycline, erythromycin, clarithromycin and josamycin. The doctor adviced a course of moxifloxacin for 7 days and assured me that it will clear up. The symptoms almost cleared by 5 th day but after 2 days of completing the course the i stared to experience similar discomfort/pain in my right groin area again. Its almost a week now, Is it that the infetion has relapsed.

Can this be cured?? Please advice as I am in deep distress. What other medication do you advice?

How have I got the infection even from using a condom?? It it an STI only??  I am worried that I may pass this to my wife now and it can cause problems like infertility in future and have complication in having kids. Can i pass this to my wife if I use a condom till I complete a medication? I really want to get rid of this infection. Will I have to live it with for rest of my life. Please advice.
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Welcome to the Forum.  To be honest, I am skeptical that your initial symptoms are reflective of an STIs acquired through condom protected sex, irrespective of whom your partner was.  Condoms are the single best protective measure a person can take to avoid STIs and your symptoms are really not suggestive of any typical STI.  Your culture results reflect this.

Mycoplasma hominids infections were thoroughly investigated over 30 years ago and shown to be normal components of the genital tract.  Early on some investigators thought that M. hominis might be causing NGU however, as I said above this was disproven.  We do known that if persons are treated for M. Hominis, it quickly recurs, returning the genital tract to its normal microbiological state.  Unfortunately, some labs continue to offer testing and some clinicians mistakenly treat it.  My advice is for you not to worry about your positive test for M. hominis.

Your symptoms are not suggestive of any typical STI.  They do however reassemble the description of the chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) which is well described in Wikipedia.  

Your tests suggest that there is nothing present that you might transmit to your wife or which might harm her or your children.  I hope this comment is helpful to you.  EWH.  
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