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Testing Timeline and follow up

have recently started a new relationship and want to be responsible and get tested as I have not been in the last two years.     Additionally, I have been rather promiscuous in the past two years, many different partners with unknown status, some of them escorts.          The good news is I have always worn a condom except for a few instances of receptive oral sex.      Also, no symptoms of physical signs of any of STIs.      

I went to a testing center today,  which was six weeks since my last questionable encounter.     I was tested for all eight major STDs ( Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, HSV 1&2, Hep B, Hep C).      I will be shocked if I test positive for anything, but want to be responsible and worry free as I begin this new monogamous relationship.

Do you agree with my assessment of the risks?     Assuming the tests come back negative, any need to be tested again or can I move on without fear?

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Welcome to our Forum and good for you.  Your choice to get tested will help to keep you and your future partners safe.  In that it has been six weeks since your last exposure and that you do not have symptoms, these test results will be conclusive and need not be repeated.  FYI, there is a fair chance you will find you have HSV-1.  When you get your test results back, please feel free to return to this thread for follow-up and I will help to put things in perspective if this is the case or if other tests are positive.

Finally, I should point out that in some situations you will find that testing for some STDs (including HIV) might be said to not be conclusive until some time beyond the six week interval you mention,  While this is true from a theoretical basis, given the specifics you mention, you can be completely comfortable with your 6 week results.

Take care. EWH
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