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Thigh Wart - HPV/STD?

Hello doctors,
I've posted before and here's my new question. I am a frequent visitor (once a month) to high priced escorts in NYC. Typical visit is unprotected oral (receiving) and then protected vaginal sex. I just noticed what looks like a single wart on my thigh about 10 inches below my groin so 3 inches above my knee. I had warts as a child but haven't had any on my body since then. When I first noticed the wart, I thought it was an ingrown hair so I tried to squeeze it but nothing came out except blood because my fingernail scratched my thigh skin. It's now scabbing but looks like a wart - I had planter's warts as a child on my feet and this one on my thigh has that same look to it. Sound like something related to HPV? It's only one single wart and it's far from my groin but didn't want to ignore the possibility it could be something. Thank you.
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Welcome to the Forum.  Without being to examine you, I'm going to have to infer what may be going on here but I hope that these comments will provide you with a starting point.  There are several questions operative here- they include is this a wart or not and if it is a wart, where did you acquire the virus and could it be a genital wart?  

First, this may not be a genital wart.  Ingrown hairs (folliculitis) and other non-wart "bumps" are rather common on the thigh (and buttocks) and that when you squeezed it nothing came out does not mean that it was a wart.  it may have been folliculitis that you squeezed too early (although it is never a good idea to squeeze these things- it can lead to infection).  

Second, if it is a wart, this would be an unusual location for a genital wart and the exposures you describe do not raise concern about increased risk for HPV either.

If the lesion is still there you may want your doctor to take a look at it.  My bias is that his is unlikely to be a wart related to your sexual encounters with commercial sex workers.  

I hope my comments are helpful. EWH
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