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Treatment for MEN

I have spent countless hours researching mens yeast infections.   Finally, with some luck I have come across this forum and hope to get a straight forward answers.  I had been diagnosed w/ yeast and took Diflucan.  A few days later my boyfriend mentioned having a bump "pimple" on his penis.  I immediatly thought I passed the infection on to him.  Since this is fairly new relationship we both decided to go to the doctor and get checked for stds and yeast.  Both our results came back negative for stds and yes I still had a yeast infection.  His doctor did not diagnois his bump as yeast but he didn't tell us what it was.  He was given a cream and that is it.  I am currently taking diflucan for an entire month for this resistant yeast and added home remedies (tea tree oil and acidaphollis).  Meanwhile we are using condoms.  Will this keep him from getting infected?  Also, if he does get yeast, is there a treatment without him having to go to the doctor?  Can he take a 1 day diflucan pill?  What is the basic treatment plan for a man with yeast?  Are doctor's in denial that men can get penile yeast infections?  

Any information you can provide on men and yeast infections would be greatly appreciated.  Yeast infections have held me hostage for some time and I don't want to pass this misery on to my boyfriend.
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Your doctors aren't in denial.  Yeast usually doesn't affect men, but sometimes they can get a rash on the penis, but it's almost never serious.  Yeast isn't dangerous at all, and is very common in women; most women get a yeast infections sometime in their life, and some women normally carry yeasts in the vagina--it's normal.  So don't worry much about it.  Your partner does not need to take the diflucan or anything else, unless he has a rash on the penis due to yeast--in which case there are creams that are better than diflucan for that purpose.

The home remedies won't do anything.  Acidophilus is totally ineffective, and tea tree oil may be irritating and make symptoms worse (and may prevent healing of your yeast infection).  Stop using them.

The story of "bumps" or "pimples" on the penis make me more worried about genital herpes and genital warts.  But if the doctor was certain he had yeast, that's probably correct.

Bottom line:  the yeast infections may be a problem for you, but even there, it's an inconvenience, not a serious health problem.  And probably not a problem for your partner.  Don't worry about the condoms.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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