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Dear Doctor

I had chlamydia 3 to 4 months before. I took treatment for the same. I still have some discomfort on my bottom side of my penis and my penis develop redness and slight burning is there not regular but intermitently.

For my penis redness I was prescribed Metronidazole 2Grams single dose. In my country metronidazole is not there so I took Flagyl 500Gram - 4 tablets together. Pls advice whether I did the right thing. If not if I get metronidazole 500Grams tablet can I have 4 tablets together.

I still have the rashes in the feet and either it is itching or burning.
I took all test including VDRL; HIV and B12 and the VDRL & HIV came negative. B12 came in the acceptable limits.But still the rashes in the feet is not going.I have black lines below my tounge.

Do you recommend any specific test to find out what may be my problem.

I took diabetics medicine (mecobalmin) and also anti allergic medicine like PruM & Flucos. But no use.

I went to many doctors and the doctors are treating my problems casually.

In my opinion some problem my penis redness ; feet allergy are all related. This is what I feel.

Pls advice what test I should take to find out what problem i have.

If you want my earlier correspondence of what I had with you please mail me I will send the same also.

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Metronidazole and Flagyl are the same thing (Flagyl is one brand of metronidazole).  

Chlamydia doesn't cause the sorts of symptoms that you continue to have.  It is a good idea for people who have had chlamydia to be retested 3-4 months after treatment, to make sure there is no new infection and that the treatment worked.

Other than that, I have no advice except to see your health care provider about your sympotms.

This is your third question recently on this forum.  MedHelp has a rule about a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the moderated forums, so no more before January 2009.  Thanks.


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