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std or hot tub water

to the point. had protected sex with a stripper in mexico. when i was changing positions, noticed the condom was almost off, i figured it didn't come all the way off and then work itself back on. pulled it back down and finished up. that was early fri. morning. Sunday night back home had sex (oral and vag. ) with my GF in the hot tub. A few days later had the following
1. itching at opening of penis... no discharge
2. irratation on top of penis...burning, red...no bumps or lumps
   this seems to come and go after peeing or masterbating
3. slight discomfort after peeing or ejaculating at the opening
4. on the under side of my penis, i have a raiser area on the rim,
   on top of my urethra, ( i don't know what its called ) but my
   primary says its normal, it feels like its burning on the
   inside when i pee, if that makes sense(i masterbate alot)
5. 8 days later, on 500 mg of penicillin due to oral laceration
   (3 times a day )
Questions. could this be a bacterial std? the stripper said she was clean and thay get checked every 2 wks. Maybe herpes? Or could this be something from the hot tub water? thanks for your help and this fourm.
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The likelihood of an STD is low, and most likely your symptoms are a yeast infection or some other irritation, e.g. from condom lubricant--especially if the lubricant contained a spermicide like nonoxynol-9.  Hot tub exposure isn't a likely explanation, unless you also have a rash involving all the exposed areas (the genitals are not specially susceptible to such things).

But given the condom slippage, I suppose there is a small risk of STD.  The only way to know for sure what you have is to see a health care provider, preferably one familiar with STDs.  Consider a visit to your local health department STD clinic.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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