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Am I experiencing schizophrenia?

I hear a voice in my head that has a personality but is most of the time violent and hates me. His name is "god" and he asks me to do things that i will kind of never do. I have tried to stop him from talking but he won't stop. I have not had any other hallucinations other then this. I don't know if i'm making him up or he is really there. He kind of scares me because he has taken control of my body once but i took it back a few seconds after can anyone give me some advice?
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I can't say what your diagnosis would be but there is for sure something psychologically imbalanced going on and you need to tell your doctor everything immediatly to get that voice under control.
Audio hallucinations like this are the most common type of schitzophrenia and often the voice is thought to be God or some higher power.
It is not real no matter how real it seems (i know that can be hard to wrap your head around) and it is not going to go away on it's own or any way you try and make it by yourself. You need to tell a medical professional asap.
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you must consider meds some good some bad try it, it worked for me you are not alone k try to see a medical doctor kk
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i hear three voices they have conversations with each other. SZ is a form of permanent psychosis that will never go away ive seen some of the best doctors in my region and the doctors agreed that pills will help treat it but finding the right mix will help even more. beware of all info that your doctor gives you . you must read all label warnings becuz I didn't and I now have neuroleptic-induced tardive dyskinesia which can be permanent in some cases 1% of patients get this so its rare :)
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