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Niacin therapy

Anyone tried niacin B3 therapy, or know of any success stories with natural treatments for schizo-affective disorder? We're running out of medication options :(
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  The use of b vitamins for schizophrenia is part of orthomolecular psychiatry which was found to be clinically inconclusive. However I take glycine (which is an amino acid in Phase II FDA study as an adjunct antipsychotic) as part of a controlled study. For more information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine". Glycine in general has been shown to be effective as an adjunct (add on) antipsychotic to treat negative (difficulty relating to people) and cognitive (difficulty understanding things) symptoms of schizophrenia. However I have been clinically noted as the first person for to respond it for positive (not as in good but as in things that should not be there) symptoms of schizophrenia such as delusions and hallucinations. However among the class of antipsychotics it is part of the NMDA receptor modulates (google "A New Class of Antipsychotics in Study") which appear to promote a fuller recovery and do not cause tardive dyskinesia there are other NMDA receptor modulate antipsychotics in Phase II FDA study that will function as primary (stand alone) antipsychotics).
   I am authorized to take glycine because I have advanced tardive dyskinesia and cannot tolerate Clozaril (which also is one medication glycine could not be taken with as they interact). I take it in powdered format which is ordered as the standard pills that are in health food stores are not helpful. However any decision as to whether it could be taken as an adjunct antipsychotic must be made by a psychiatrist and taken as I do under strict psychiatric supervision. The best thing to do is to see a psychopharmocologist who also would be familiar with FDA approved medications used off label for psychiatric purposes (there are many mood stabilizers in this category such as Lovaza which I take which is clinically identical to fish oil which has some more efficacy as an adjunct mood stabilizer but being an FDA approved medication is safer as its a known quantity).
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i don't take any vitamins because i eat good and i am healthy. i suggest if you are running out of options for medications i would try to see a psychiatrist again. i asked my doctor about vitamins and he ignored me and gave me cogentin for tardive dyskinesia and it totally worked for me even though i wanted to look at a chance for a natural remedy i found mine to be the pills i am taking because i took a chance on what he gave me (respiridone) and it worked. i no longer have auditory hallucinations :)
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I am a 28 year old schizophrenic that has responded very well to a high dose of Niacin (about 2.5g per day). I am currently on 5mg/day of olanzapine as well. I first tried the alternative during a time of great distress (I was losing touch with reality, had a very active mind and consistantly could not sleep). The first thing I noticed was a hot flush that worried me (I injested a high initial dose not aware of the flushing side effect), but I then became quite sleepy and went to bed at once. My mind felt much better the next day but it took about 3-4 days for me to fully recover from the symptoms, and the first thing I became aware of was that my mind had been deviating from reality and waking up from the experience was both reassuring and scary (reassuring to come out of it, scary in the sense of what if my condition gets worse over time). I would highly recommend attempting niacin treatment and be aware that a fairly high dose may be required and need to be sustained. There has not been a single treatment that has worked as well as Niacin for me (I have been searching for the correct treatment as soon as I started experiencing more serious symptoms, and the treatments I have tried unsuccessfully are lithium, seroquel, and paxil). Olanzapine seems to have a positive impact on me and I continue to take it as hopefully a preventative measure. I can not understand why more attention has not been given to this treatment, but I guess its possible that not everyone responds well to it. The difference I noticed was dramatic but did not really take effect until I reached a higher dose, and the flushing was quite uncomfortable at first, but stopped after about 3-4 days. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and please do tell me what your experience is if you try it.
Hello. I am hoping to find any information on getting a medical doctor who has experience with niacin for psychosis and people who have authentic experience with this. My 19 year old is presently experiencing memory issues, hearing voices and some hallucinations. We are waiting to see another psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with hypnogogic issues about two years ago, but he believes what he is having is not hypnogogic. He has a long history of sever sleep deprivation which is why we were told his experiences are hypnogogic. Do you know of any medical doctor who has used or included niacin as a treatment for psychosis? Are you doing well and do you use niacin or other vitamins or medications? Thank you!
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Thank you so much for the information. I intend to try this. I would suspect that since this is not a pharmaceutical, nobody stands to gain much moneywise and therefore it is not promoted as a viable treatment.
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I tried megavitamins a number of years ago.  I became convinced that niacin (B3), Vitamin C, and the B-complex vitamins in general accentuated the sedative qualities of my antipsychotic medication.  I was able to reduce my medication for about a year.  But when stress came along, I had a relapse.  So I dropped the megavitamin quest, and this theory has since been discredited.
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my doctor does not support me trying the niacin only therapy. I really want to know if this worked for anyone. Also is there really a chance of kidney,liver failure due to taking 3 g of niacin daily. I am on low 20mg geodon twice a day but I am fed up of going to hospital where doctor asks me same old negative questions. I am right now reducing the dosage of geodon to be once a day whereas minimum dosage is 20 mg twice and willing to be on niacin 3g only therapy without geodon
I am sorry about the frustration you and so many experience regarding help. My son is waiting to see a psychiatrist due to hearing voices and having some hallucinations. He is in college and finding these things distracting to his work as well as concerning. Did you ever try the niacin at high doses? Can you share what has and what has not worked for you? I greatly appreciate your time and help in replying. Thank you!
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hey i take geodon to 80mg/2xday great stuff i responded well to it :)
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I have tried it but it didn't help me. I was doing it on my own with a doctors supervision though. I am not sure if there would be any doctor willing to supervise it though as its kind of an extreme therapy.
I found there was a lot of side effects like turning red from inflammation caused by the vitamins and extreme itchyness.
I don't recommend this therapy unless you do have a doctor supervising.
I would try meditation therapy...I find meditation really helps to calm the mind and increase focus and concentration that is hindered by racing thoughts.
Exercise is good too, like yoga, which I'm going to try next.
correction: i was doing it WITHOUT supervision
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