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When Is talking to yourself not normal?

The board is maybe wrong,but I've been stressed out about my health recently so I wanted drop know something
I occasionally talk to myself. I know that talking to yourself in your own head is normal and everybody does that. But occasionally (today it happened multiple times) I talk to myself out loud in the context of volcaizing my thoughts. Like I don't have a money for a bus and then I remember that I have some change in my jacket, and outoud I go "oh right, I got some change" or I would be doing something like "I left my hose at 1 and I was at school at 3,okay, takes 2 hours"
And sometimes when I read something funny or interesting I'll repeat it to myself in whisper. Like I read a joke that ends with "got no money" and I'll whisper "heh.. got no money"
I never do it when people are around. I do it when I'm home alone or when I'm on an empty street.
This doesn't happen 24/7 but today it happy a few times so I got concerned.
So is it normal, Google says that yes, kinda, but I'm still not sure
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You're fine. That is completely normal.
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i do this to drown out the voices I hear or I'm trying to concentrate I whisper to myself normal ? idts
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Don't worry about it. Its perfectly normal, Its probably a habit youve picked up, i know plenty of people that talk to themselves to reconfirm what they already know. Giving it a physical form if you will?
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