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Self Harm: Am I addicted?

So, I am a 13 year old girl and I have been cutting (with a proper blade from a razor) for coming up to a year now- I started when I was 12. It really helps me cope. My friend also self harms but gets all the support from family and friends that she needs. But doesn't know that I cut too. She only has self harmed 4-5 times and it makes me so upset about the fact that she  has been doing it for literally 3 months and me a year and all the support she has got. Yet nobody has helped me. But that sounds really selfish, it just saddens me about how bad society is but I guess it's my fault. Anyways, whenever I throw my blade away or make a pact not to cut, which I have done countless times, I always either get a new blade or self harm again because i feel like i can't live without it. Is there such a thing as being addicted to cutting?
Thanks for reading xx
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yes there is such a thing as being addicted to cutting as self harm is addictive. This is because you get addicted to the adrenalin and the relief it gives you.I am 16 myself and never got help until recently. It is not selfish for wanting help or to want support. i also made promises to stop and threw my blades away, i still do even with the help however i always relapse. But i want to stop, i hear it is possible so i keep trying just like you should. Just remember you are never alone ,even when you feel you are. Have you told your parents????
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