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Answers to my Asexuality

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this Site and very glad it is here! I have multiple diagnosis’s all of them bother me there are (three) in particular that seem to be controlling my life. If you look at my profile, it lists all my issues.

(Main Issues that have been surfacing for more then two years)

1. Asexuality.

2.  OCD extreme fear of Death.

3.  Schizoid Personality Disorder not to be confused with (schizophrenia)

I want to list each in separate post’s it would be to long of a post and too timely to list all at this time.

I have been an Asexual for more then 10 yrs; The Doctors have given me every test under the sun and cannot figure out what had happened.

My hypothalamus is working just fine and my testosterone is at 426.

After all the tests and the Doctors not finding a reason for this, I was left in the dark.

I can remember the week before this all happened, I had to be admitted in to the City Mental Hospital for a 7 day stay, I put on my regular medication plus (10 mg Zyprexa )  I started having spontaneous Erections for 2 days.

Then every thing stopped working I had told all my doctors of this happening. They played it down and made me feel as though I was some type of mental case.

Has this happened to any of you? Or anyone you know, and what can I do about it?

Thanks for Reading


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Some psychiatric medications can cause a side effect called priapism which means a continuous painful erection. If this continues over an extended period of time it can be damaging. They should see if your sexual functioning was damaged physically or the experience was mentally traumatic. Then they could figure out what to do from there. They should also adjust your psychiatric medications as things are not working out.
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