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Breaking the hymen

Is it safe enough to break my hymen in the age of 17 ?
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The whole thing about "breaking" hymens is misrepresented in movies, etc. The hymen is a thin membrane, and most likely already open.

In rare cases, young women have an esp strong hymen, which requires a doctor's help, but the large majority of women's hymens "break" all by themselves, through horseback riding, bike riding, gymnastics, and other sports. Make sure your hymen really is intact, and that you recognize the difference between your hymen and your cervix before you try to break anything you can't see clearly! If it is intact, it may be "imperforate" which means it is unusually thick. If that is the case, a doctor needs to open it in a quick, easy procedure, in sterile environment.
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yea, its fine. use protection though.
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are you talking about doing it yourself, or do you mean having sex with a man?  Whatever, if it causes you discomfort (the hymen) then by all means!
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