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Bump Around Vaginal Area

I'm 15 and shaved my bikini area about 4-5 days ago, and two days ago a bump appeared just off of vagina. Its not on the lip, or inside, but right next to it near the end of the lips opposite side of the hood. Its getting a little bit bigger and its sore. Its hard and is the same skin color as the rest of me. There is no discharge that I can see. I am also currently on my cycle and I wear pads only, not tampons. I also have never been sexually active at all and have never been touched down there. Please help and tell me what this bump is.
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Most likely pimple that just doesn't have a head on it yet.
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it's probably an ingrown hair - similar to a pimple, happens sometimes to guys when they shave their face, same thing. It will pus up when the hair starts to disintegrate in the follicle, but it will be painful for a while - 2 or 3 days
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You can try some hot soaks to the area if it doesn't go away quickly, as it does sound like one of your hair follicles (where the hair grows out of the skin) got infected and turned into a pimple.  The hot soaks will bring it to a head quicker.  In the meantime, do not shave there until things are healed.  If you are concerned, make an appt. to see your doctor/GYN MD.
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