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Epididymitis/Postate infection & possible oral infection

Hi there.

I am a 26y Caucasian male. I have had an issue by where I have had a sore left testicle for about 8 months now. Its a constant ache, and is aggravated by things like temperature, long drives, pooping and physically touching the Epididymis. About 7 months ago(after the sore testicle) I got a urinary tract infection for about 2 days(hurt to pee), but resolved itself quickly. In the last couple of months I have noticed my semen has a yellow ish tinge to it( more yellow if i haven't *** in a couple of days).
I have in the last 6 years always used a condom for sex, but have received oral unprotected. The girlfriend giving me oral about 9 months ago had tonsillitis either side of the act and had her tonsils removed about 1 week after. Due to this I am concerned I may have picked up an infection from the cause of the tonsillitis. I asked if they biopsied the tonsils but she "didn't know" what the cause was( I worried about herpes at the time). I note she has mentioned she is resistant to most antibiotics and there is only 1 that works for her.

Additionally I believe I have some sort of oral infection(See attached picture). I seem to get mouth ulcers and weird bumps etc. The ridges in the picture dropped in about 8 hours, and completely disappeared in 36h. Every now and then my mouth bleeds. After a night of drinking beer, I find in the morning this is worse, and consistently get sore throats that mouth wash cures in hours. I don't know if its the beer, of the sausage rolls while drinking, or if its the fact I hit the bed with out brushing teeth/using mouth wash.

I went to the doctor in the last week who looked at my mouth and noted a roughness, putting it down to eating hard food. He refused to even take a swab.
He looked at my testes, and noted my left testes sits higher than the right so thought it may be torsion. I have done a urine test and ultrasound. The urine test came out clean, but the ultrasound showed an enlargement in the left epidermis with more blood vessels/increased blood flow. The ultrasound technician said it looked like Epididymitis and this would usually be treated with 6 weeks of antibiotics. There was no sign of torsion.  
I spoke with the doctor again who has prescribed me 3 weeks of Brufen (anti-inflammatory) and to take that, then see how the pain is at the end of the course. If the pain still persists, then he will try 1 week of antibiotics.

My questions:
-As i am not worried about the pain, I am worried about the underlying issue, should I take the brufen?
-I note for Epididymitis normally a 6 week course of antibiotics is prescribed. Will 1 week cause a resistance to that particular antibiotic?
-Dose it look like an oral infection of just hard food damage?
-Do I need to check with now Ex Girlfriend what antibiotics do and don't work?( I don't want to blame her for this if its not her fault)
-Should I get a second opinion on this or does the doctors method of anti-inflammatory sound correct?
-Could this be a STD like gonorrhea or chlamydia?

Timeline of events:
Jan 2014 Started dating last Girlfriend
Feb 2014 I noticed oral issues
Mar 2014 week 1 Girlfriend had tonsillitis
Mar 2014 week 3 Girlfriend gave me oral sex
Mar 2014 week 4 Girlfriend had tonsils removed
Apr 2014 Broke up, and have had no girlfriend/dates since
May 2014 Noticed sore testicle while driving for 4 hours
Jun 2014 got 2 day urinary infection.
Nov 2014 Noticed discoloration of semen
Dec 2014 Pain in left testicle getting worse
Jan 2015 Saw doctor/had tests

Thanks in advance.
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Sometimes when needing to poo, I get a cringe worthy pain in the lower abdomen.
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