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Faking all my orgasms!

So during sex last night, I found myself AGAIN, wanting to 'get off' but I couldnt; and as frustrating and embarrassing as it is for me, I know my partner is just as upset! So as soon as he is getting his I FAKE my orgasm. What's worse is 15-20 minutes AFTER the fact, my panties are soaked!!! My current partner isn't the only one its happened with, actually it's been EVERY partner since age 16 to now, age 21. What is wrong with my body? Why can't I have an orgasm? Why am I wet only after its all over? PLEAAE HELP!
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You get wet because you're sexually excited. This is completely normal.
Can I ask if you can have an orgasm on your own, or, if you've ever tried to on your own. If so, it may be that your boyfriends don't know your body and what you like nearly as well as you do. You have to tell your boyfriend what you like and don't like
Another couple of questions. Are you trying to orgasm with intercourse alone? I'm asking because many women can't and this is normal. A lot of women can be satisfied with oral or finger stimulation. Is this something you've ever tried?
I really recommend that you don't fake it because it's not good for you or your boyfriend. Both of you are missing out. He thinks you're satisfied and you're not. Try new things and communicate with your boyfriend.
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It's in your head I used to have the same problem. You really gotta be in love and comfortable with the person and communication is key....figure out what u like best...me I can't get off unless I rub my clit  too. Try different positions.
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