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Hocd problem

i am 24 year old male my life was going so smooth so happy frens everything was fine but after coll i became bit lonely my frens moved away and i became addicted to porn due to lonliness and then one day i started watching transexual porn and i became confused about my sexual orientaion i have a very bad fear in me that is killin me eating me alive i love women but now days life is so confusing tensed fully depressed pls help me pls suggest some ideas i want my happiness bac help me
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Hi Arunjay, Well first you've got to stop watching gay porn, and get back to watching straight porn, then get your self a nice women girl friend and away you go, sex with a real women, its what us real men were made for and should sort your orientaion problems then should go away.
But when you do get yourself a women turn off the porn, otherwise this could affect your sex life with, porn enduced ED, and that you dont want.
Good Luck
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ay arunjay. look man you got the same problem as a lot of us, maybe a little more severe but the lonliness is what kills you. from what i'm told fantasy is just fantasy and if it scares you, it can't be right. I'd say turn off the porn, and seriously ask yourself is that what you really like. DO YOU wanna have sex with a tranny or just a guy?
being inside or just alone messes with you. Just like the folks who get turned on by urine, studies show that's an antisocial behavior, from your sexual drive turned inward. So my best advice is get out. turn off the porn. go exercise. the natural endorphin should help you feel a little clearer. and definatley make new friends. more male influence in your life should help.
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