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I am totally depress about erection problem please any one suggest

i am big issue for my erection it help someone suggest me how to fight ed
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GuitarRox has given some good advice & asked the right questions - we need to know the extent of your ED in order to give the best advice...

Also, here’s another question: Are you able to achieve a satisfactory erection from self-stimulation? Many guys have difficulty when with a partner but are OK on their own. If you are able to have erections on your own, but struggle when you’re with someone, it’s almost certainly NOT a physical issue, more likely so-called ‘performance anxiety’, and that’s usually fixable w/ counseling.

Another Q: How recently did this start? Were you having good erections before this, or were there prblms  going back a number of years? Was there any particular event, such as an illness, injury, etc. that seemed to be the start of the prblm?

Have you seen a Dr. about this? I know it’s embarrassing to discuss, but if there’s some physical prblm that’s causing it, you need to get it treated because some issues related to ED can also seriously impact things like cardiac health. The Dr. will prbly order some blood tests, possibly a urine sample, maybe a prostate exam as well.

Believe me, I know personally how devastating ED can be for a guy’s self esteem. I had prostate cancer surgery 2 yrs ago & am still dealing with after-effects of it. I had pretty severe ED for quite awhile after, even tho my function going in was excellent. I had nerve-sparing surgery, but even so, the nerves that control erections get damaged & can take quite awhile to heal. I’m improving, but still not happy with where I’m at & hoping for cont’d recovery of function. It helped me to know that most all men going thru this struggle w/ ED, but it’s still pretty depressing, so I completely understand your pain...

So please try to answer GR’s & my questions & hopefully we can offer some more specific advice. Good luck & check back in here to let us know how you’re doing...

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Having erection problems can be for a variety of reasons.  How old are you?  Taking any medication?  When was the last time you had a physical?  Do you get an erection and can't hold it or no erection ever (such as even in the morning)?  Do you have depression or anxiety or stress in general?
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