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Lack of Clitoral Sensitivity After Infection

I am 25 and  had a yeast infection inside of my vagina for about three months, and also an unknown bacterial or yeast infection on my labia and clitoris (I assume it was also yeast). This was after drank a lot and had protected and unprotected sex over a period of 3 months The labia were swollen and the clitoris was grayed, large, insensitive, and later itchy to the touch with whiteish thick discharge on it.

I was prescribed antibacterial pills, l and later antifungal cream to put inside and also on the outer area. I feel mostly better but I still am bothered by two things. I have random aches in the muscles or whatever it is that you can feel if you put your pointer fingers directly to the right of your inner labia and have them parallel to your legs if you are laying down. It's sort of the same feeling I get when I work out my arms with weights at the gym.  Also, ever since treating m clitoris with antifungal nystatin cream, it looks much better, but is way less sensitive and pleasurable to the touch. I do not understand why.

How do I stop the soreness in my deep vaginal tissue and also is there a way to get my clitoral sensitivity back?Does my body just need time to recover? Do bacterial/ yeast infections thicken skin? Do they damage nerve cells? STD's are not an issue- all tests negative.

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