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Latex Allergy - Potential Irritants

Recently my boyfriend approached me asking if I had been using any new feminine products.  He said that he has a latex allergy and he developed a rash on his genitals (specifically his testicles) after we had sex one day.  Of course he was not wearing a condom because he has the latex allergy, so that is definitely ruled out.  I have not used any new products except maybe a different body soap and I got some new lipgloss.  Does anyone have any insight as to why this would occur with no change in my routine?  Could it possibly be something that I've been eating that is concentrated in my discharge?  Or maybe something else that would irritate a latex allergy that I'm not thinking about?  I've been doing research to try and find any and all products that would irritate this condition, however there are just so many I can't figure out what could have possibly happened to have caused this.  Any and all input is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!    
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