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Plaguing thoughts causing problems!

I'm 20 years old and I have always found girls attractive and sought to be with women. However when I was younger (around 12) I was friends with a guy who has since confirmed he is gay, though he seemed to know alot about sex which I found interesting. Over the years, I have had a series of sexual fantasies about this person - which causes me bother, however we are longer in contact. When I'm out I always find myself looking at girls and being attracted to them, and have had girlfriends who I enjoyed being with very much. However lately, the fact that I've had these fantasies have bothered me so much that when i'm with girls, I struggle to get an erection which never happened in the past when with girls. How do I get the plaguing thought out of my head, as I know this is a psychologically based problem. I have never had fantasies about other guys, just this one person - which leads me to thinking that I could not be gay if I always sought to be with girls. Some people may think Im bisexual though I'd much rather be in a relationship with a woman. I am with a girl atm, and fear the next time we get closer physically that I won't be able to "perform" to the best of my ability, due to this lingering problem.  I never had this problem before when the thought was not on my mind, though now it is, it causes me problems!

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on my problem? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help!!
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It sounds more like you're nervous about the possibility that you may be bisexual.  Why?  Don't repress it and just let it out, man.  

And it just sounds like you need a swift kick in the butt.  So let me lay it on you:

YOU'RE NORMAL.  If you've had sex with women before and no problem, why now?  What is so wrong with liking men too?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  

And if you're curious, go out to a gay bar and check it out.  Or meet up with a gay dude who you think is handsome or something and see what happens.  

Explore.  It's the only way you will know for sure and have peace of mind.
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