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Premature ejacuation

Hi Doc,
i am 22 years old male and am suffering severely from premture ejaculation. moreover if there's a slightest of erotic thought or a scene in a movie i would immediately experience a fluid dripping from my penius. now as for the PE if i masturbate i cannot last longer than 30 sec and am not very frequent infact usually its just once or at best twice but thats rare. so i would like to know if there are any medical cures and i am not talking about exercises casue what i have is not phycological and from what a urologist told me i may have an over reactive bladder so i would like to know if there are any medicines for PE and what do you reccon of the fluid i mean what could cause this. currently i am using a delay spray but first it doesn't solve the dripping problem and i don't wanna depend on it for the rest of my life. finally, have you ever heard of salix niagra drops, do they help in PE and how often do you take them i mean once a day, twice etc. I reccon if there are a million medicines for erectile dysfunction then there has got to be atlest one for PE.
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very urgent,Stop masturbation and do kegel Exercise.You can use any  Vigra during sex.
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